v3.89.0 (2024-06-20)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

  • Added the list_files task to display files in an org by @lakshmi2506 in #3799

  • The api_names option of the assign_permission_set_licenses task now accepts either DeveloperName or PermissionSetLicenseKey by @lakshmi2506 in #3798

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.88.0…v3.89.0

v3.88.0 (2024-05-24)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

  • Extend modal close wait with custom timeout by @leboff in #3783

  • Added check_output true to get the logs of metadata retrieval by @lakshmi2506 in #3789

Issues Fixed 🩴#

  • Fix retrieve unpackaged so it is usable in metadeploy by @yippie in #3566

New Contributors#

  • @yippie made their first contribution in #3566

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.87.0…v3.88.0

v3.87.0 (2024-05-17)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

  • Don’t add fullname tag in 2GP package.xml by @leboff in #3748

New Contributors#

  • @leboff made their first contribution in #3748

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.86.1…v3.87.0

v3.86.1 (2024-05-06)#

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.86.0…v3.86.1

v3.86.0 (2024-03-27)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

  • @W-15258380 - Reloading of login URL’s from env before creating jwt session by @lakshmi2506 in #3765

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.85.0…v3.86.0

v3.85.0 (2024-03-13)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.84.3…v3.85.0

v3.84.3 (2024-02-24)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

  • Fix: Type Error while loading Contacts when PersonAccount is enabled by @jkasturi-sf in #3756

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.84.2…v3.84.3

v3.84.2 (2024-02-20)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.84.1…v3.84.2

v3.84.1 (2024-02-01)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.84.0…v3.84.1

v3.84.0 (2024-01-29)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

New Contributors#

  • @mshanemc made their first contribution in #3728

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.83.0…v3.84.0

v3.83.0 (2023-12-08)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.82.0…v3.83.0

v3.82.0 (2023-12-01)#

What’s Changed#

Critical Changes 🛠#

  • Remove robot_lint task and dependencies by @jstvz in #3697

Changes 🎉#

Issues Fixed 🩴#

New Contributors#

  • @mgrandhi made their first contribution in #3683

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.81.0…v3.82.0

v3.81.0 (2023-11-03)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.80.0…v3.81.0

v3.80.0 (2023-09-29)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Issues Fixed 🩴#

  • Add guard for empty body to github_release_report by @jstvz in #3645

New Contributors#

  • @zenibako made their first contribution in #3654

  • @jain-naman-sf made their first contribution in #3651

  • @aditya-balachander made their first contribution in #3661

  • @mjawadtp made their first contribution in #3660

  • @lakshmi2506 made their first contribution in #3659

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.79.0…v3.80.0

v3.79.0 (2023-09-07)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

  • Added workarounds to support Vlocity local compilation in CI by @jstvz in #3642

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.78.0…v3.79.0

v3.78.0 (2023-08-10)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

  • Updated Permission Set preflights to handle Permission Set Groups by @jkasturi-sf in #3623

  • Added the create_pull_request_on_conflict option to automerge tasks by [@BenjaminFrench](https://github.com/ BenjaminFrench) in #3632

Issues Fixed 🩴#

  • Fixed issues with uploading some Unlocked Packages by @jstvz in #3636

  • Corrected behavior of the skip_future_releases option by @jstvz in #3624

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.77.0…v3.78.0

v3.77.0 (2023-07-07)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.76.0…v3.77.0

v3.76.0.dev0 (2023-05-25)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.76.0…v3.76.0.dev0

v3.76.0 (2023-05-25)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.75.1…v3.76.0

v3.75.1 (2023-04-14)#

What’s Changed#

Issues Fixed 🩴#

  • Ensure that top-level ‘tasks’ directory is read for custom tasks by @prescod in #3582

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.75.0…v3.75.1

v3.75.0 (2023-04-13)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

  • Fix bug that prevented “api” declaration in extract_declaration from being respected during capture_sample_dataset. by @prescod in #3568

  • Update windows install steps by @TheBitShepherd in #3571

  • CCI projects can now run tasks from their “sources” even when they are custom tasks coded in Python. By @prescod in #3345

  • The capture_sample_data task now looks for a datasetname.load.yml file to influence how it generates its .mapping file for subquent loads. By @prescod in #3569

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.74.0…v3.75.0

v3.74.0 (2023-03-06)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Issues Fixed 🩴#

  • Fix an issue with capture_sample_data and record type capturing. by @prescod in #3552

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.73.0…v3.74.0

v3.73.0 (2023-02-16)#

No changes (other than dependency updates) since v3.72.1.dev2 . Please see the changes below.

v3.72.1.dev2 (2023-02-10)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.72.1…v3.72.1.dev2

v3.72.1.dev1 (2023-02-08)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.72.1…v3.72.1.dev1

v3.72.1.dev0 (2023-02-08)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

  • Change deploy_marketing_cloud_package task to include modelVersion in MCPM Payload by @TheBitShepherd in #3523

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.72.1…v3.72.1.dev0

v3.72.1 (2023-02-07)#

What’s Changed#

Issues Fixed 🩴#

  • Fixed an issue preventing installation of CumulusCI’s sdist in #3520

v3.72.0 (2023-02-03)#

What’s Changed#

Changes 🎉#

  • Improve documentation of tasks w.r.t required/option/defauled fields. by @prescod in #3447

Issues Fixed 🩴#

  • Ensure that products have a slug before publishing translations by @prescod in #3483

  • Remove deprecated Playwright keywords by @jstvz in #3503

  • Stricter check on what counts as a dataset by @prescod in #3502

Full Changelog: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/compare/v3.71.0…v3.72.0

3.71.0 (2022-12-20)#

Critical Changes 🎉

  • A few weeks ago we soft-launched a load_data feature that matched the dataset loaded to the org_shape. If you had discovered and used the load_data option called org_shape_match_only, you should switch to the new task because eventually we will remove the option and only use the new load_sample_data task. (#3455)

Changes 🎉

  • CumulusCI has two new tasks for working with sample data: load_sample_data and capture_sample_data. (#3455)

  • CumulusCI now offers the ability to inject arbitrary IDs into a project’s metadata components. See the Find-and-Replace Id Injection source transform for more information. (#3460)

  • CumulusCI now allows for injecting the current running user’s username into a project’s metadata components. See the Find-and-Replace Id Injection source transform for more information. (#3460)

3.70.0 (2022-11-29)#

  • The retrieve_changes and list_changes tasks now properly exclude metadata types that SFDX is unable to process. These include: AuraDefinition, ExperienceResource, and LightningComponentResource by @jstvz in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3443

  • The deploy_remote_site_settings task has been updated to load the correct Remote Site Settings records for OmniStudio by @jofsky in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3444

3.69.0 (2022-11-14)#

Changes 🎉

  • Added support for debugging and breakpoints in Playwright-based Robot Framework by @boakley in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3408

  • Added option for deploy task to remove selected components from the bundle by @jkasturi-sf in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3421

  • Added documentation for using OmniStudio in Cumulus flows by @bethbrains in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3427

  • Update creation of OmniStudio Remote Site Settings for new Salesforce domain patterns (e.g. .*scratch.my.salesforce, *.demo.my.salesforce, etc.) by @jofsky in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3424

  • Added –debug flag to the deploy_marketing_cloud_package task by @TheBitShepherd in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3430

3.68.1 (2022-11-01)#

  • Revert a change in parsing config files which was incompatible with some configs

3.68.0 (2022-10-31)#

Critical Changes 🎉

  • Upgraded Robot Framework from version 4.1.3 to version 6. As with most Robot Framework updates, there are a host of new features and a few deprecated features and backwards incompatibilities. For a complete list consult the Robot Framework release notes in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3417

Changes 🎉

  • Add support for InstallKey, sourceOrg, release keys on 2GP version create by @davidmreed in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3403

  • We now support the Territory2, Territory2Model, Territory2Type, and Territory2Rule MetaData types. by @TheBitShepherd in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3406

  • Add push_upgrade_org flow to test in simulated push upgrade environment by @davidmreed in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3286

  • Fixed bug preventing the deploy_omni_studio_site_settings task from deploying to scratch orgs with the new .scratch. domain names by @jofsky in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3411

  • All new keychain details are serialized using JSON, not pickle by @bethbrains in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3390

  • Snowfakery (upgraded to 3.4) can now generate Event or Meeting Schedules similar to Calendar Apps

  • Snowfakery now has a Salesforce.ContentFile feature for generating Content Versions

Issues Fixed 🩴

  • Bumped key_size from 2048 to 4096 on advice from a security audit by @boakley in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3389

  • Fixed an issue where unknown deploy statuses could cause polling to hang in the deploy_marketing_cloud_package task by @TheBitShepherd in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3394

  • Fixed an injection vulnerability related to unquoted csv writers by @TheBitShepherd in https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/3404

3.67.1 (2022-10-14)#

Issues Fixed

  • We added some javascript files that were missing from the 3.67.0 release

3.67.0 (2022-10-13)#

Critical Changes

  • CumulusCI now supports GitHub Enterprise. (#3256)

  • CumulusCI will no longer be supporting installations via brew. See our docs for the officially supported install method via pipx.(#3382)


  • When using Playwright instead of Selenium, we now have limited support for writing keywords in JavaScript. For more information, see the topic “Writing keywords in JavaScript” in the documentation under “Playwright Technology Preview”. (#3378)

  • Auto-load dataset matching org shape name(#3384)

  • Updated the dependency resolvers used for commit-status builds (2GP and Unlocked Package parallel testing) to allow resolution to “fall back” from release branches like feature/240 to the repository’s main branch.(#3386)

  • There is a new Playwright-based keyword Wait until salesforce is ready. This keyword is automatically called by the Open Test Browser keyword in the SalesforcePlaywright library. In addition to waiting for the page to be rendered, it will auto attempt to detect a classic page on initial render, and automatically switch to a lightning page if one is detected.(#3387)

  • CumulusCI now supports the CustomIndex metadata type.(#3391)

  • CumulusCI now supports performing source transformations during the deploy task, including find-and-replace of user-defined tokens. (#3383)

  • Includes Snowfakery 3.3 with new datetime features and find_record optimization.

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed a bug when using blank dates in upserts and updates.(#3361)

  • Fixed an issue where committing changes to a repository above a certain size caused timeouts to occur. (#3379)

  • CumulusCI now uses the defusedxml library to more securely parse xml.(#3375)

3.66.0 (2022-09-29)#

Changes 🎉

  • New Metadata ETL task set_object_settings to enable and disable settings on standard and custom objects (thanks @jlantz) (#3364)

  • For Robot tests on the Firefox profile, we now accept all cookies to prevent lightning pages from failing to render due to cross-domain cookies. (#3366)

  • Improved the method that playwright-based tests use to wait for the browser to initialize (#3366)

  • The following Robot Framework keywords now automatically generate screenshots on failure: Click related list button, Click related item popup link, Close modal, Current app should be, Field value should be, Get field value, Populate field, Populate lookup field, and Wait until modal is closed. (#3370)

  • CumulusCI now supports the following Metadata type: AIApplicationConfig (#3368)

  • CumulusCI now supports the following types from Net Zero Cloud’s Tooling API: BldgEnrgyIntensityCnfg, StnryAssetEnvSrcCnfg, VehicleAssetEmssnSrcCnfg. (#3372)

Issues Fixed 🩴

  • A failure when calling capture page screenshot no longer causes a Robot test to fail (#3366)

  • Fixed an issue where the cci --version command failed to output the current version (#3367)

  • A bug that prevented keywords decorated with @capture_screenshot_on_failure from returning a value has been fixed. (#3370)

  • Fixed a bug where requests were not being logged while running tasks or flows with the --debug flag. (#3371)

3.65.0 (2022-09-16)#

Changes 🎉

  • Improve logging and add error handling for Vlocity tasks by @prescod in (#3357)

3.64.0 (2022-08-18)#

Changes 🎉

  • Support for upcoming Salesforce 240 Release in Robot by @boakley (#3321)

Issues Fixed 🩴

  • Fix crash with unusual Unicode characters in metadata on Windows running update_package_xml by @prescod (#3323)

  • Fix Scratch org creation in latest sfdx by @prescod (#3334)

3.63.0 (2022-08-04)#

Changes 🎉

  • CumulusCI can now validate MetaDeploy plans in cumulusci.yml by @jstvz in (#3298)

  • Sensitive service info is now masked in the cci service info command - by @bethbrains in (#3295)

  • Updated documentation for GitHub Actions framework by @davidmreed in (#3302)

  • New MetaData ETL Task for deploying remote site settings - add_remote_site_settings by @Br4nd0R in (#3303)

  • New task for deploying remote site settings that are required by OmniStudio - deploy_omni_studio_site_settings by @Br4nd0R in (#3303)

  • Added new robot keywords available when using the SalesforcePlaywright library; get current record id, wait until loading is complete and go to record home. These keywords work in a similar fashion to the existing keywords of the same name that are based on Selenium - by @boakley in (#3310)

Issues Fixed 🩴

  • Fixed two issues which prevented the set_recently_viewed feature from working by @prescod in (#3305)

  • The GithubIssuesParser class will now fall back if issues are disabled by @davidmreed in (#3293)

3.62.0 (2022-07-21)#

Changes 🎉

  • CumulusCI now supports pinning dependencies on other projects by @davidmreed in (#3270)

  • Add extract declarations concept to CumulusCI by @prescod in (#3285)

  • Make delete_data task freezable by @jstvz in (#3294)

  • Omnistudio vlocity build tool wrapper tasks vlocity_pack_export and vlocity_pack_deploy to support datapack export and deployments by @Br4nd0R in (#3296)

3.61.1 (2022-07-10)#

Issues Fixed 🩴

  • Fix metadeploy_publish error caused by supported_orgs case-sensitivity (#3277)

3.61.0 (2022-07-09)#

Changes 🎉

  • metadeploy_publish consumes legal targets for supported orgs (#3239)

  • Add update_profile support for record type layouts by (#3243)

  • Add custom key to cumulusci.yml schema (#3238)

  • Make OrgSettings also deploy objectSettings, if present (#3235)

  • Import persistent orgs from the SFDX keychain (#3253)

  • Speed up Snowfakery handling of small batch sizes (#3188)

Issues Fixed 🩴

  • Fix JWT audience for sandboxes (#3240)

  • Fixed a bug where scratch org attributes configured via cumulusci.yml were not taking effect. (#3209)

  • Correct FeatureParameterString to FeatureParameterDate (#3254)

  • No postinstall script for unlocked package builds (#3247)

3.60.0 (2022-06-09)#


  • We added a new dependency resolution strategy, unlocked. Like our existing dependency strategies using parallel 2GP package builds, this strategy installs parallel unlocked package builds. (#3223)

  • We added the flows build_unlocked_test_package, install_unlocked_commit, and qa_org_unlocked to support use of parallel unlocked packages. (#3223)

  • We added a property, is_survey_advanced_features_enabled, to the org_config entity available in when clauses. (#3149)

  • Robot framework API and performance keywords have been moved into separate libraries. They are still automatically imported when using Salesforce.robot so it is not necessary to modify any existing test files. (#3216)

  • There are new robot framework keyword libraries with limited support for Playwright <https://playwright.dev/>_ via the robotframework-browser library <https://robotframework-browser.org/>_. To use, import the resource file cumulusci/robotframework/SalesforcePlaywright.robot instead of cumulusci/robotframework/Salesforce.robot. Note, Playwright is not yet supported by MetaCI. (#3216)

  • cumulusci.robotframework.BaseLibrary can be used when creating new libraries in order to get some useful properties (self.salesforce, self.salesforce_api, self.cumulusci, etc) (#3216)

  • Snowfakery 3.2 is included, with the following changes

  • Snowfakery can now do random_reference to nicknames.

  • We removed some limitations on what Snowfakery can do with objects referenced through random_reference, especially using a.b.c.d syntax.

  • We added a unique option for random_reference to allow for 1-1 relationships across random references and no-duplicates many-to-many join relationships like Account->CampaignMember->Campaign

3.59.1 (2022-05-31)#

Issues Closed

  • Fixed a regression relating to lookup of variables like $project_config.repo_branch. Identified as a problem in the github_automerge_main task, but potentially there might be other tasks that were broken and are fixed by this branch. (#3220)

3.59.0 (2022-05-26)#


  • Setting repo_url in your project config is no longer required to run metadeploy_publish. (#3200)

  • Adds new commands cci robot install_playwright and cci robot uninstall_playwright for installing and uninstalling experimental support for the Robot Framework Browser library, which is based on Playwright. For more information see the section “Playwright Technology Preview” in the public documentation. (#3194)

  • Programs using CumulusCI as a library may generate warnings when getting values from config objects. A new method config.lookup is the preferred way to look up these values. (#3026)

3.58.0 (2022-05-16)#


  • CumulusCI Robot Framework support has been tested on prerelease orgs (#3187)

  • Upgraded the Snowfakery dependency to version 3.1.0. When embedded in CumulusCI, Snowfakery can now do SObject Upserts. (#3195)

Issues Closed

  • Fix bug when setting the ‘options’ option in the robot task from the command line (#3173)

3.57.0 (2022-04-28)#


  • Support useralias in Open Test Browser for connected orgs (#3169)

Issues Closed

  • More reliable way to find latest chronological release in GitHub (#3164)

  • Add IP Ranges Metadata ETL task (#3146)

3.56.0 (2022-04-07)#


  • Added support for Lightning radiobuttons in the Robot keyword input form data. (#3142)

Issues Closed

  • Fixed an issue where CumulusCI was incorrectly merging task option overrides. (#3145)

3.55.0 (2022-03-24)#


  • CumulusCI now provides an option to verify server certificates using root CA certs loaded from the system, instead of the default set of CA certs bundled with the Python requests library. This is considered experimental, so must be opted in by setting the CUMULUSCI_SYSTEM_CERTS environment variable to True (#3114)

  • Improvements to the custom locator strategy used by the Robot Framework keyword input form data to find form fields and lightning components based on label text. This locator strategy (label:) is now up to 10x faster at finding non-lightning form components, and is able to find elements with more complicated labels (eg: labels with text inside of nested spans). (#3117)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the use of aliases for Robot Framework page objects.(#3120)

  • The Robot Framework keyword input form data now does a better job of working with non-lightning checkboxes. (#3122)

Issues Closed

  • Fixed an error that could occur when loading a project that uses very old flow syntax with tasks instead of steps. (#3118)

  • Fixed a bug when using sources to access another project from a github branch, where the branch context was not available to branch-based dependency resolvers. (#3123)

  • The drop_missing_schema option was not respected by the snowfakery task. Now it is. (#3125)

3.54.0 (2022-03-10)#


  • The install_managed and update_dependencies tasks:

    • Now support apex_compile_type and upgrade_type options for performing Unlocked Package installations. (#3105)

    • Accept the options interactive and base-package-url-format, which pause the automation and wait for the user to confirm the list of packages to be installed. (#3093)

  • The update_package_xml task now supports new Slack metadata types (#3103)

  • We added the ability to do Upserts during Data Loading (documentation). (#3099)

  • Robot Framework tests can now pass a locator when calling Go To Page for one of our bulit-in page objects (Listing, Detail, Home), and the keyword will wait until that locator is visible. This is mostly useful for custom pages where you need to wait for an iframe or custom component to be available. (#3098)

  • We improved our caching mechanisms to better handle projects whose cross-project sources themselves have cross-project sources. (#3092)

Issues Closed

  • Fixed a bug running the snowfakery task in parallel mode with orgs connected using a Connected App. (#3109)

3.53.0 (2022-02-24)#

Critical Changes

  • CumulusCI now ships with Snowfakery 3.0. See the Snowfakery release notes. Snowfakery 3.0 ships with opt-in features that will become the default in June 2022; please test your recipes now with snowfakery_version: 3 to ensure compatibility.


  • CumulusCI now has an update_data task that allows updates to existing datasets, in coordination with Snowfakery 3.0.

  • Orgs connected using cci org connect now keep track of which connected_app service was used to connect them, and will use the same connected_app service when getting a fresh access token, even if it isn’t currently the default connected_app service. This makes it easier to use CumulusCI with multiple connected_app services. (Orgs that were connected before this update will continue to use the default connected_app service.)

  • When connecting a custom connected_app service, a default login_url can be specified (to use a login URL other than https://login.salesforce.com when connecting orgs using this connected_app service).

  • The deploy_marketing_cloud_package task now utilizes the new API endpoint for deployments.

  • CumulusCI commands are more resilient in the face of corrupted or impossible to decode org config files.

  • We added documentation about managing Robot Framework locators

  • CumulusCI will now warn Windows users if long pathname support is not set up correctly.

Issues Closed

  • Fixed a bug in the JSON format output of cci service list –json

3.52.0 (2022-02-03)#


  • Flow steps can now be replaced with the same syntax for all step types! (Current step types are: ‘task’ or ‘flow’). See the [replacing a flow step](https://cumulusci.readthedocs.io/en/latest/config.html?highlight=override##replace-a-flow-step) docs for more details. CumulusCI is still compatible with the old syntax which required setting the current step type to None when replacing with a step of a differing type. (#3043)

  • Whenever possible, while running the robot_libdoc task libdoc generates relative pathnames when creating CSV output (#3058)

  • Added a new option --preview to the robot_libdoc task. When set to true it automatically opens a browser window to the generated documentation. (#3057)

  • The robot keyword Locate element by label has been removed from the Salesforce.py library. This wasn’t designed to be a keyword but was accidentally exported as one. If you want to find an input or textarea element by its label you can use a locator of the form label:<text> (eg: label:First Name) (#3048)

  • Updated to Snowfakery 2.5.0

  • If you have Python code that is importing CumulusCI’s config classes, some of them have been reorganized into modules with a snake_case name. The old CamelCase imports should still work, but the new names are preferred for consistency with other parts of the codebase.

Issues Closed

  • Fixed an issue where overriding flow steps was not working as documented. (#3043)

  • We fixed a bug where the Run Task and Run Task Class robot keywords throw an error like AttributeError: module 'robot.api.logger' has no attribute 'log' in rare cases (#3053)

  • Fixed a bug in the snowfakery task which caused Unique IDs to not always be actually unique. (#3059)

3.51.1 (2022-01-25)#

Issues Closed

  • We fixed an issue that could cause create_package_version to fail when the version_base option is set to latest_github_release and the latest GitHub release is a 1GP package version.

3.51.0 (2022-01-20)#


  • The cci flow doc command now only includes CumulusCI’s standard flows unless the --project option is specified. (#3033)

  • The run_tests task now has a required_per_class_code_coverage_percent which ensures that every class in your project meets the code coverage level specified. (#3027)

  • Marketing Cloud tasks:

    • Added the marketing_cloud_get_user_info task to retrieve user information from the Marketing Cloud REST API userinfo endpoint. (#3039)

    • The marketing_cloud_create_user task now creates an unlocked user with a notification email address so that it is possible for the user to log in. This task also has a new option, activate_if_existing, which can be set to true to ensure that if the user already exists in an inactive state, it will be activated. (#3040)

Issues Closed

  • Fixed an issue preventing step-level preflight checks from working correctly in MetaDeploy when run in a cross-project flow. (#3034)

  • The github_parent_pr_notes task now handles child pull requests with an empty body. (#3038)

  • The metadeploy_publish task now displays a clear error message if you supply the wrong API URL for MetaDeploy. (#3034)

  • The cci service default --project command presents a better error message when called outside of a project directory. (#3037)

  • Fixed a bug where the cci flow doc command would break when using cross-project flows. (#3033)

3.50.0 (2022-01-06)#


  • Robot keywords have been updated to support the Spring 22’ release. (#3021)

  • Using channel declarations in load.yml, users can now do synthetic data loads across multiple user accounts at once. This is faster for some very large orgs. (#3016)

Issues Closed

  • Added a missing image to the “Windows Install Steps” portion of the docs. (#3013)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Get webelements from returning an empty list if the locator was a custom locator created via the register_locators function of cumulusci.robotframework.locator_manager. (#3004)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the locator SF:object.button:Assign Reviewers from working properly. (#3002)

  • Fixed an issue where the --json flag was not outputting properly formatted JSON with the cci task list command. (#3011)

3.49.0 (2021-12-09)#

Critical Changes

  • Python versions 3.6 and 3.7 are no longer supported. Please ensure you have Python version 3.8, 3.9, or 3.10. (#2959)

  • The dx_convert_from task now uses a custom Python task class instead of cumulusci.tasks.sfdx.SFDXBaseTask. In most cases this will have no visible impact, but if you have customized this task config to change the command option, make sure you have also explicitly set its class_path to cumulusci.tasks.sfdx.SFDXBaseTask. (#2981)


  • You can now get the CumulusCI version with cci --version. The output is the same as the cci version command. (#2974)

  • A new feature has been added to the robot_libdoc task. You can now use --f csv to generate a CSV file with all of the keywords. (#2985)

  • New keywords Select Rows and Unselect Rows have been added to the robot Listing page object (#2995)

  • Queries passed to the SOQL Query keyword can now span multiple lines. (#3006)

Issues Closed

  • Fixed an issue where deleted components could still deploy into persistent orgs. (#2981)

3.48.2 (2021-11-16)#

  • Fixed a regression which broke cci project init in CumulusCI 3.48.0 and 3.48.1. (#2986)

3.48.1 (2021-11-12)#

Issues Closed

  • Fixed a packaging issue which caused an error when installing on systems without a C compiler.

3.48.0 (2021-11-11)#

Critical Changes

  • CumulusCI will be dropping support for Python 3.6 and 3.7 within the next few releases. Please ensure you’re running Python 3.8 or above.


  • We added a new command, cci plan info. Similar to cci task info, this command displays detailed information about a MetaDeploy plan, and includes a --messages option to display user-facing text. (#2946)

  • Improved logging to show reduced timestamps, and provide some syntax highlighting of output. (#2941)

  • Snowfakery 2.2 is now included with CumulusCI. New features include unique IDs and Numeric Counters. (#2962)

Issues Closed

  • We added an improved error message when metadeploy_publish is passed a lightweight tag. (#2955)

  • Adjusted a check for .lightning. domains in the cci org connect command. (#2970)

  • We fixed an issue where stacktraces for some Apex test failures were truncated. (#2961)

3.47.0 (2021-10-28)#


  • Added a cci plan list command for displaying a list of MetaDeploy plans (#2940)

  • Task options can now be marked as “sensitive”. These task options that will be obfuscated when displayed at the beginning of each task in a flow. (#2939)

  • Improved error message when uninstall_packaged_incremental is run in an SFDX-format project without converting to Metadata API format first (#2929)

  • Improved error messaging for multiple scenarios where tasks are improperly configured in cumulusci.yml. (#2923)

  • We added a new task create_blank_profile that can be used to create a new profile from scratch without any permissions enabled. (This new task requires a Winter 22 Org or API 53.0) (#2908)

  • We’ve added a user-friendly error message when installing a package using security_type “PUSH” with a 04t Package Version ID. (#2935)

3.46.0 (2021-10-14)#

Critical Changes

  • Backwards incompatibility: the robot task option debug has been renamed to robot_debug. (#2909)


  • CumulusCI now has a schema published here. This is primarily intended to be use for enabling linting in VS Code, but could be used for any schema-aware editor or any validation purpose. (#2902)

  • We added a new task create_blank_profile that can be used to create a new profile from scratch without any permissions enabled. (#2908)

  • Manually creating a Personal Access Token and pasting it into the CLI is no longer required to connect a GitHub service. Instead, CumulusCI now supports GitHub’s device authentication flow, allowing you to authenticate via browser using a temporary device code. (#2911)

  • cci service info for a github service now displays expiration dates for GitHub personal access tokens, if set. (#2912)

  • Improved error messaging for multiple scenarios where tasks are improperly configured in cumulusci.yml. (#2923)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where connecting a GitHub service with cci service connect was failing silently. (#2888)

  • Fixed an issue where MetaDeploy steps using the old filename_token and namespace_token options could not be used. (#2914)

3.45.0 (2021-09-30)#


  • Updated the deploy_marketing_cloud_package task for compatibility with the October 2021 release of Marketing Cloud. (#2899)

  • The --max-lines option on the cci error info command has been removed. (#2895)

Issues fixed

  • Removed the unused --skip option for the cci flow run command. (#2884)

  • Flow descriptions no longer generate a warning. (#2885)

  • We changed how the output from some commands and tasks are displayed in the CLI. (#2887)

  • Fixed a bug in freezing the load_dataset task options for MetaDeploy. (#2900)

  • The marketing cloud deploy task now properly exits when a result status of FATAL_ERROR is returned. (#2897)

  • We fixed a regression in the push_list task that affected 2GP push upgrades (#2898)

3.44.1 (2021-09-17)#

Issues Fixed

  • We fixed a regression that resulted in upload failures for 2GP packages that extend 1GP packages (closes ##2880).

3.44.0 (2021-09-16)#


  • CumulusCI uses package version Ids from 1GP releases wherever available, reducing the need to install 1GP packages in an org to build 2GP dependencies. (#2832)

  • We added metadata_package_id and version_id options to allow passing MetadataPackage (prefix 033) and MetadataPackageVersion (prefix 04t) IDs to the push upgrade tasks. (#2837)

  • cci flow info will now output all flow options defined. (#2845)

  • We improved error messages for incorrect data mapping files (#2831).

  • The snowfakery task supports specifying the loading_rules option (#2861)

  • The snowfakery task supports recipe options being supplied to recipes using the recipe_options option (#2861).

Issues Fixed

  • We fixed some errors in the documentation (#2854)

  • We fixed an issue causing CumulusCI to fail to install releases that contain an Unlocked Package without a namespace. (#2851)

  • We added handling for issues that occur when running the generate_dataset_mapping task for very large orgs (#2860).

  • We fixed a regression in using cross-project sources in MetaDeploy installers (#2875).

3.43.0 (2021-09-02)#

Critical Changes

  • We now support all package installation options for the update_dependencies and install_managed tasks, including activate_remote_site_settings, security_type, name_conflict_resolution, and password (password not available for update_dependencies). (#2811)

    We also fixed a minor inconsistency in defaulting the activate_remote_site_settings (or formerly activateRSS) option. Projects that define custom tasks based on the InstallPackageVersion class should ensure they explicitly set the activate_remote_site_settings option, or accept the new default of True.

    MetaDeploy install plans now do not freeze defaulted package install options. If your install plans are dependent on specific install options, we recommend explicitly specifying them. Install plans without explicit options will use the defaults at the time of execution.


  • The sources feature, which allows CumulusCI projects to consume automation from other projects, now supports specifying a resolution_strategy, just like dependencies. Sources can now resolve to the same GitHub refs as corresponding dependencies, including branch matching. The default behavior is to use the production resolution strategy. (#2807)

  • Added several new tasks for configuring Marketing Cloud: marketing_cloud_create_subscriber_attribute, marketing_cloud_create_user, and marketing_cloud_update_user_role. (#2838)

  • In the mapping file for the load_dataset task, the batch_size can now be specified for Bulk API steps in addition to REST API steps. (#2813)

  • The snowfakery task now supports the ignore_row_errors option to continue loading even if there are row errors. (#2819)

  • We made significant updates to the documentation for Robot Framework. (#2834, ##2847)

  • We improved option validation for the add_page_layout_fields task. (#2828)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed handling of timezones when the start_time option is specified for the push tasks. (#2814)

  • Fixed the deploy_marketing_cloud_package task to handle changes to the Marketing Cloud API. (#2816)

  • Fixed an issue where MetaDeploy install steps that used 04t package version Ids, including 2GP installations, were frozen with incorrect titles. (#2817)

  • Fixed an issue causing 2GP commit-status builds to fail when the local Git repository has a detached HEAD (#2818)

  • Fixed a bug in the dry_run option for the metadeploy_publish task where explicitly setting the option to False did not disable the dry run. (#2836)

  • Improved the error message shown by the load_dataset task if a table is missing from the dataset. (#2813)

  • Improved the warning message shown when CumulusCI can’t encrypt org and service config files. (#2839)

Internal Changes

  • CumulusCI has improved infrastructure for its own integration tests. (#2783)

  • Filing a CumulusCI issue on GitHub now presents a form to enter details. (#2829)

  • Added a linter to ensure consistent formatting of YAML files within the CumulusCI codebase. (#2844)

3.42.0 (2021-08-19)#

Critical Changes

  • The github_release task now requires the tag_prefix option to be passed, because for 2nd-generation packages we can’t tell from the version number whether it is a beta or not. We’ve updated the standard release flows to set the tag_prefix appropriately, but if you have custom flows using this task you will need to update them. (#2792)

  • In order to run the github_copy_subtree task for a specific package version, you must now use the tag_name option instead of the version option. Using the version option set to latest or latest_beta is deprecated; it’s preferred to pass these values in the tag_name option instead. (#2792)


  • The uninstall_packaged_incremental task now defaults to ignoring non-deletable CustomObjectTranslation metadata. If your project customizes the ignore_types option on uninstall_packaged_incremental, we recommend you add CustomObjectTranslation to this option. (#2790)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where bulk job results were being miscounted. (Thanks @sfdcale!) (#2789)

  • Fixed an issue where GitHub tags for a 2GP package would always include the “release” prefix (even for Beta package versions). (#2792)

3.41.0 (2021-08-05)#


  • We added a new Metadata ETL task, add_page_layout_fields, that allows adding fields to existing layouts. (#2766)

  • We added a task to enable an Einstein prediction: enable_einstein_prediction (thanks, @erikperkins!) (#2778)

  • We added standard flows for releasing unlocked packages: release_unlocked_beta] and release_unlocked_production (#2768)

  • We added documentation for using CumulusCI to build managed 2GP packages, unlocked packages, and extending NPSP and EDA with 2GP packages. (#2768)

  • Contributions to CCI now require verification by isort, which ensures consistency in the order that imports are used. (#2770)

  • CumulusCI now supports deploying unmanaged dependencies in SFDX source format. (#2735)

  • The create_package_version] task now handles dependencies that use a zip_url. (#2735)

  • Updates to Github Actions configuration documentation. Thanks @Julian88Tex (#2773)

  • CumulusCI now automatically recognizes services and orgs configured via environment variables. See the docs for more details. (#2676 and ##2776)

  • We’ve updated the Push Upgrade tasks (push_list, push_sandbox, etc) task option start_time to accept ISO-8601 formatted datetimes. (#2769)

  • You can now specify “sandbox”: true on a CUMULUSCI_ORG_* variable in headless environments to indicate that the org you want to connect to is a sandbox. when connecting sandbox orgs in a headless environment. (#2753)

Issues Closed

  • Fixed an issue where scratch orgs failed to be deleted in CI environments. (#2676)

  • Fixed an issue where deleting an org failed to mark the org as deleted on CumulusCI’s keychain. (#2676)

  • Fixed an issue where CumulusCI would fail on Linux distributions that were incompatible with the keyring package. (#2676)

  • We fixed an issue causing the release_2gp_production flow to fail with a dependency parsing error. (#2767)

  • Fixed a couple issues with connecting CumulusCI to sandboxes using enhanced domains. (#2753 and ##2765)

  • Fixed a bug where the github_release task was not marking the “This is a pre-release” checkbox for beta releases. (#2788)

3.40.1 (2021-07-22)#

Issues Closed

  • Fixed an issue where a missing dependency was causing the homebrew installer formula to break.

3.40.0 (2021-07-22)#

Critical Changes

  • The create_package_version task no longer creates Unlocked Packages from the unpackaged/pre and unpackaged/post directories of dependencies, or local unpackaged/pre directories by default. This behavior is now opt-in via the create_unlocked_dependency_packages option, which defaults to False. Projects using the old default behavior must explicitly set this option. We believe the new behavior is a more sane default for most 2GP projects. (#2741)


  • The add_standard_value_set_entries task now supports value sets for LeadStatus. (#2695, with thanks to @naicigam)

  • We updated the default API version to 52.0. (#2740)

Issues Closed

  • Fixed an issue where the the built-in connected app was not accessible when running CumulusCI in a headless environment. (#2737)

  • The create_package_version task now supports objectSettings in the org definition file. (#2741)

  • We fixed issues in working with files containing Unicode characters on some Windows systems when using source-tracking commands. (#2739)

  • Fixed a bug where the anon_apex task had option text that was missing spaces. (#2736)

3.39.1 (2021-07-08)#


  • Fix a bug with the integration of CumulusCI and the new SOQLQuery Feature

3.39.0 (2021-07-08)#


  • A new snowfakery task with better usability and multi-processor support. Look at the CumulusCI docs to learn the new syntax: https://cumulusci.readthedocs.io/en/stable/data.html#generate-fake-data (#2705)

  • CumulusCI now uses Snowfakery 2.0, with various new features, especially the ability to query into orgs. More information: https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/Snowfakery/releases/tag/2.0 (#2705)

  • We improved our Robot documentation so that it’s possible to link to keyword documentation instead of having to download it locally (#2696)

  • CumulusCI uses a new port (7788) for the built-in connected app to lessen the chances that the port is in use. (#2698)

  • CumulusCI now checks if the port associated with a callback URL/redirect URI is in use during OAuth2 flows, and if so, raises a more friendly error. (#2698)

  • The generate_data_dictionary task now includes Custom Settings, Custom Metadata Types, and Platform Events. (#2712)

  • The generate_data_dictionary task now excludes any schema with visibility set to Protected. This behavior can be turned off (including protected schema) with the include_protected_schema option. (#2712)

  • The generate_data_dictionary task now parses object and field metadata anywhere in a Salesforce DX release other than in the unpackaged/ directory tree. (#2712)

  • Builds that install feature-test 2GP packages now present a cleaner error message when the current commit is not found on GitHub. (#2713)

  • SFDX and CumulusCI both support noancestors as a Scratch org config option but CumulusCI generated a warning if users tried to specify the option in cumulusci.yml. (#2721)

Issues closed:

  • Fixed issue where CumulusCI did not correctly convert a package version specified as a number in YAML to a string. This now raises a warning. (#2692)

  • Fixed a bug where OAuth errors were not reported in detail. (#2694)

  • Fixed an issue where CumulusCI did not grant permissions to Custom Tabs when running update_admin_profile without a custom package.xml. Projects that use a custom package.xml with update_admin_profile should update their manifest to include a CustomTab wildcard for the same outcome. (#2699)

  • Fixed an issue where the dx, dx_push, and dx_pull tasks did not refresh the org’s access token. (#2703)

  • Fixed issues in the generate_data_dictionary task that resulted in failures when processing fields with blank Help Text or processing standard fields. (#2706)

  • Fixed an issue preventing generate_data_dictionary from working with four-digit ( 2GP version numbers. (#2712)

  • Fixed an issue causing release_2gp_beta to fail to create a GitHub release with a dependency-parsing error. (#2720)

3.38.0 (2021-06-24)#


  • The built-in connected app that CumulusCI uses by default is now visible in the output of the cci service list command. This makes it possible to switch back and forth between this connected app and another one as the current default when multiple connected_app services are configured. The built-in connected_app service has the name built-in and cannot be renamed or removed. (#2664)

  • The generate_data_dictionary task includes a new option, include_prerelease. If set to True, CumulusCI will include unreleased schema in the data dictionary from the current branch on GitHub, with the version listed as “Prerelease”. (#2671)

  • Added a new task, gather_release_notes, which generates an HTML file with release notes from multiple repositories. (#2633)

  • The deploy_marketing_cloud_package task includes a new option, custom_inputs, which can be used to specify values to fill in for inputs in a Marketing Cloud package. (#2683)

  • Mappings for the extract_dataset task can now specify a soql_filter to restrict which records are extracted. Thanks @sfdcale (#2663)

  • Robot Framework: The Scroll Element Into View keyword in the Salesforce library now scrolls the center of the element into view rather than the top. (#2689)

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a bug where CumulusCI could not parse the repository owner and name from an ssh git remote URL if it used an ssh alias instead of github.com. (#2684)

  • Fixed a bug where cci service info <service_type> would display None as the name for the default service if no name was provided. (#2664)

  • Fixed a missing dependency on the contextvars Python package in Python 3.6.

3.37.0 (2021-06-10)#


  • The install_managed task now supports 2GP releases (#2655).

  • We changed the behavior of the release_2gp_beta flow to always upload a package version, even if metadata has not changed (#2651).

  • We now support sourcing install keys for packages from environment variables via the password_env_name dependency key (#2622).

Robot Framework

  • We upgraded SeleniumLibrary to 5.x (#2660).

  • We added a new keyword “select window” to Salesforce library, to replace the keyword of the same name which was renamed in SeleniumLibrary 5.x to ‘switch window’. We will be removing this keyword in a future release; tests should use ‘switch window’ instead.

Issues Closed

  • We corrected some JavaScript issues that were occurring with Chrome 91. (#2652)

  • We fixed a bug impacting the generate_data_dictionary task when used with dependencies (#2653).

  • We fixed an issue causing sfdx commands that had options with spaces to fail to execute on Windows (#2656).

  • We fixed an issue causing the creation of incorrect 2GP beta tags (#2651).

3.36.0 (2021-05-27)#


  • Added the option tag_prefix to the github_release task. This option can be set to specify what prefix you would like to use when CumulusCI creates a release tag for you in GitHub. (#2642)

  • The deploy_marketing_cloud_package task has been updated to match changes to the Marketing Cloud Package Manager API. It also now raises an exception if the deployment failed. (#2632)

Robot Framework

  • Improved the output of the robot_libdoc task. (#2627)

Data generation with Snowfakery:

Issues Closed

  • Fixed an issue where flow reference documentation was rendering with an error. (#2646)

  • CumulusCI will now remove orgs when the --delete-org option is passed to cci flow run, even if an error occurs while running the flow. (#2644)

  • Fixed a bug where beta tags created via the release_2gp_beta flow were not receiving the proper tag prefix. (#2642)

  • Fixed namespace injection for filenames with a ___NAMESPACE___ token in sfdx format. (#2631) (Thanks @bethbrains)

  • Fixed a bug in cci org connect where the --sandbox flag was directing users to login at login.salesforce.com instead of test.salesforce.com. (#2630)

  • Fixed a regression where the skip key for a dependency could no longer be specified as a single string instead of a list. (#2629)

  • Fixed a regression in freezing the deploy_pre/deploy_post tasks for MetaDeploy install plans. (#2626)

  • Fixed bugs in the deploy_marketing_cloud_package task’s payload construction. (#2620, ##2621)

3.35.0 (2021-05-13)#

Critical Changes

  • Upgraded Robot Framework to 4.x. For information about new features and some backward incompatibilities see the Robot Framework 4.0 release notes. (#2603)

  • The update_dependencies task now guarantees to resolve unpackaged metadata directories (subdirectories of unpackaged/pre and unpackaged/post) in alphabetical order, matching the behavior of deploy_pre and deploy_post. unpackaged/pre/bar will deploy prior to unpackaged/pre/foo. The previous behavior was undefined, which caused rare problems. This change is critical only for projects that have deployment-order dependencies between unpackaged directories located in upstream dependencies and rely on the current undefined load order. (#2588)


  • The CumulusCI documentation has a new section: Testing with Second-Generation Packaging (#2597)

  • CumulusCI has two new service types: oauth2_client & marketing_cloud. These are considered experimental. (#2602)

  • The marketing_cloud service allows users to connect to a Marketing Cloud tenant via OAuth so that tasks that work with Marketing Cloud can make API calls on the user’s behalf. (#2602)

  • The oauth2_client service takes information for an individual OAuth2 client which can then be used in place of the default client. This currently applies only to the marketing_cloud service. To setup a Marketing Cloud service with a specific OAuth2 client use: cci service connect marketing-cloud <name-of-service> --oauth_client <name-of-oauth-client>. (#2602)

  • CumulusCI has a new task: deploy_marketing_cloud_package. This task allows a user to pass the path to a .zip file to a Marketing Cloud package (downloaded from the Marketing Cloud Package Manager) and deploy the package via a marketing_cloud service (see above). Note that successfully deploying a package using this task may require permissions that are not generally available. (#2602)

  • The install_managed and install_managed_beta tasks now take no action if the specified package is already installed in the target org. (#2590)

  • The cci org list command can now output in JSON format by passing it the --json flag. (#2593)

Issues Closed

  • Fixed an issue parsing cumulusci.yml files that contained Unicode characters on Windows. (#2617)

  • Fixed an issue in the github_copy_subtree task where CumulusCI would silently generate incorrect or truncated commits when a directory was passed to the include task option. (#2601)

  • The deploy_pre and deploy_post tasks avoid warnings by freezing installer steps that match current expectations. (#2589)

3.34.1 (2021-04-30)#

Issues Closed

  • Fixed a regression in the load_dataset task where some sObjects could not be loaded without explicitly turning off the new set_recently_viewed option.

3.34.0 (2021-04-29)#

Critical Changes:

  • If you have custom flows that utilize the github_release task, they will need to be updated to include the package_type option (which is required). (#2546)


  • The github_release task now has a package_type option which is included in the information written to GitHub release tags. The following standard library “release” flows have been updated with hardcoded values (either 1GP or 2GP) for this option:

    : - release_beta (1GP) - release_production (1GP) - release_2gp_beta (2GP) - release_2gp_production (2GP)


  • The update_dependencies task now supports a packages_only option, which suppresses the installation of unpackaged metadata dependencies. This option is intended to support building update-only or idempotent installers. (#2587)

  • The github_automerge_main task has a new option, skip_future_releases, which can be set to False to disable the default behavior of skipping branches that are numeric (and thus considered release branches) but not the lowest number. (#2582)

  • Added an new option set_recently_viewed to the load_dataset task that sets newly inserted data as recently viewed. This changes the default behavior. By default (if you do not specify the option), the first 1000 records inserted via the Bulk API will be set as recently viewed. If fewer than 1000 records are inserted, existing objects of the same type being inserted will also be set as recently viewed. (#2578)

  • The update_dependencies task can now consume 2GP releases in upstream repositories, provided they’re stored in release tags as generated by CumulusCI. (#2557)

  • The extract_dataset and load_datast tasks now support adding or removing a namespace from a mapping file to match the target org for sObjects and not just fields. (#2532)

  • The create_package_version task can now increment package version numbers when the package is not in a released state. (#2547)

  • Includes Snowfakery 1.10 with upgrades to its Fake data functions.

Issues Closed

  • Fixed an error in the github_automerge_main task when using a branch prefix that doesn’t contain a slash. (#2582)

  • Fixed logic in the push_sandbox and push_all tasks which was selecting the wrong package versions. (#2577)

  • Improved logging of errors from sfdx while converting sfdx format metadata to deploy via the Metadata API, so that they are not lost when CumulusCI is embedded in another system like MetaCI or Metecho. (#2574)

3.33.1 (2021-04-20)#


  • The create_package_version task now accepts an --ancestor-id option to specify the 04t Id of the package version that should be considered the ancestor of a new managed package version. The option can also be set to latest_github_release to look up the 04t Id of the project’s most recent release on GitHub. (#2540)

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a regression where the release_beta flow would throw an error if the project has unmanaged github dependencies. (#2566)

  • Fixed a regression where the cci service connect command could no longer connect a service without giving it a name. Now a default name will be assigned. (#2568)

  • Fixed a regression when resolving unpackaged dependencies from GitHub releases. (#2571)

  • Fixed a regression with creating a scratch org if the devhub service was configured but not set as the default. (#2570)

  • Improved the formatting of cumulusci.yml validation warnings. (#2567)

3.33.0 (2021-04-19)#

Critical Changes:

  • CumulusCI’s dependency management modules have been rewritten. This grants new capabilities and removes some existing features. (#2456)

    • All package installations now perform retries if the package is not yet available.

    • Package installations are also retried on common row locking errors.

    • You can now obtain fine-grained control over how your projects resolve dependencies. It’s much easier to control where your application uses beta managed packages and second-generation packages to satisfy dependencies.

    • You can now execute 2GP builds that use 2GPs from upstream feature branches matching your current branch, not just release branches.

    • The update_dependencies task no longer supports uninstalling managed packages in a persistent org as part of the dependency installation process.

    • The update_dependencies task no longer supports the allow_newer option, which is always True.

    • The install order of update_dependencies changes slightly where multiple levels of upstream dependency have unpackaged/pre metadata. Where previously one package’s unpackaged/pre might be installed prior to its own upstream dependency, unpackaged/pre will now always be installed immediately prior to the repo’s package.

    • Projects using unmanaged dependencies that reference GitHub subfolders will see a change in resolution behavior. Previously, a dependency specified like this:

          - github: https://github.com/SalesforceFoundation/NPSP
            subfolder: unpackaged/config/trial

      would always deploy from the latest commit on the default branch. Now, this dependency will be resolved to a GitHub commit just like a dependency without a subfolder, selecting the latest beta or production release as determined by the chosen resolution strategy.

    • The project__dependencies section in cumulusci.yml no longer supports nested dependencies specified like this:

          - namespace: "test"
            version: "1.0"
              - namespace: "parent"
                version: "2.2"

      All dependencies should be listed in install order.


  • CumulusCI now supports named services! This means you can configure multiple services of the same type under different names. If you run cci service list you will note that your existing global services will have the name global, and any project-specific services will have the name project_name. (#2499)

    • You must now specify both a service type and a service name when connecting a new service using cci service connect.

    • CumulusCI has a new command: cci service default. This command sets the default service for a given type.

    • CumulusCI has a new command: cci service rename. This command renames a given service.

    • CumulusCI has a new command: cci service remove. This command removes a given service.

  • A validator now checks cumulusci.yml and shows warnings about values that are not expected. (#1624)

  • Added a friendly error message when a GitHub repository cannot be found when set as a dependency or cross-project source. (#2535)

  • Task option command line arguments can now be specified with either an underscore or a dash: e.g. clean_meta_xml can be specified as either --clean_meta_xml or --clean-meta-xml or -o clean-meta-xml (#2504)

  • Adjustments to existing tasks:

    • The update_package_xml task now supports additional metadata types. (#2549)

    • The push_sandbox and push_all tasks now use the Bulk API to query for subscriber orgs. (#2338)

    • The push_sandbox and push_all tasks now default to including all orgs whose status is not Inactive, rather than only orgs with a status of Active. This means that sandboxes, scratch orgs, and Developer Edition orgs are included. (#2338)

    • The user_alias option for the assign_permission_sets, assign_permission_set_groups, and assign_permission_set_licenses tasks now accepts a list of user aliases, and can now create permission assignments for multiple users with a single task invocation. (#2483)

    • The command task now sets the return_values to a dictionary that contains the return code of the command that was run. (#2453)

  • Data generation with Snowfakery:

  • Robot Framework:

    • The run task keyword now includes all task output in the robot log instead of printing it to stdout. (#2453)

    • Documented the use of the options/options section of CumulusCI for the robot task. (#2536)

  • Changes for CumulusCI developers:

    • Tasks now get access to the --debug-mode option and can output debugging information conditional on it. (#2481)

  • cci org connect can now connect to orgs running in an internal build environment with a different port. (#2501, with thanks to @force2b)

Issues Closed:

  • The load_custom_settings task now resolves a relative settings_path correctly when used in a cross-project flow. (#2523)

  • Fixed the min_version option for the push_sandbox and push_all tasks to include the min_version and not only versions greater than it. (#2338)

3.32.1 (2021-04-01)#

April Fool’s! This is the real new release, because there was a packaging problem with 3.32.0.

3.32.0 (2021-04-01)#


  • A new task, create_network_member_groups, creates NetworkMemberGroup records to grant specified Profiles or Permissions Sets access to an Experience Cloud site (community). (#2460, thanks @ClayTomerlin)

  • A new preflight check task, get_existing_sites, returns a list of existing Experience Cloud site names in the org. (#2493)

  • It is now possible to create a flow which runs the same sub-flow multiple times, as long as they don’t create a self-referential cycle. (#2494)

  • Improvements to support for releasing 2nd-generation (2GP) packages:

    • The github_release task now includes the package version’s 04t id in the message of the tag that is created. (#2485)

    • The promote_package_version task now defaults to promoting the package version corresponding to the most recent beta tag in the repository, if version_id is not specified explicitly. (#2485)

    • Added a new flow, release_2gp_beta, which creates a beta package version of a 2GP managed package and a corresponding tag and release in GitHub. (#2509)

    • Added a new flow, release_2gp_production, which promotes a 2gp managed package version to released status and creates a corresponding tag and release in GitHub. (#2510)

  • Data generation with Snowfakery:

    • Updated to Snowfakery 1.8.1 (#2516)

    • Snowfakery can now use “load files” to provide hints about how objects should be loaded.

    • Values for the bulk_mode, api, and action parameters in mapping files are now case insensitive.

  • Robot Framework:

    • Added a new keyword, Input Form Data, for populating form fields of many different types. This keyword is considered experimental but is intended to eventually replace Populate Form. (#2496)

    • Added a new keyword, Locate Element by Label, for finding form inputs using their label. (#2496)

    • Added a custom locator strategy called label which uses Locate Element By Label (e.g. label:First Name). (#2496)

    • Added two new options to the robot task: ordering and testlevelsplit. These only have an effect when combined with the processes option to run tests in parallel.

Issues Closed:

  • The cci org import command now shows a clearer error message if you try to import an org that is not a locally created scratch org. (#2482)

3.31.0 (2021-03-18)#


  • It is now possible to pass the --noancestors flag to sfdx when creating a scratch org by setting noancestors: True in the scratch org config in cumulusci.yml. Thanks @lionelarmanet (#2452)

  • The robot_outputdir return value from the robot task is now an absolute path. (#2442)

  • New tasks:

    • get_available_permission_sets: retrieves the list of available permission sets from an org. (#2455)

    • promote_2gp_package: will promote a Package2Version to the “IsReleased” state, making it available for installation in production orgs. (#2454)

Snowfakery 1.7:

  • Adds support for Salesforce Person Accounts.

Issues Closed:

  • cci project init no longer overwrites existing files. If files already exist, it displays a warning and outputs the rendered file template. (#1325)

3.30.0 (2021-03-04)#

Critical changes:

  • We are planning to remove functionality in CumulusCI’s dependency management in a future release.

    • The update_dependencies task will no longer support uninstalling managed packages in a persistent org as part of the dependency installation process.

    • The allow_newer option on update_dependencies will be removed and always be True.

    • The project__dependencies section in cumulusci.yml will no longer support nested dependencies specified like this :

        - namespace: "test"
          version: "1.0"
            - namespace: "parent"
              version: "2.2"

    All dependencies should be listed in install order.

    We recommend reformatting nested dependencies and discontinuing use of allow_newer and package uninstalls now to prepare for these future changes.


  • We released a new suite of documentation for CumulusCI.

  • CumulusCI now caches org describe data in a local database to provide significant performance gains, especially in generate_dataset_mapping.

  • The cci org browser command now has a --path option to open a specific page and a --url-only option to output the login URL without spawning a browser.

  • We improved messaging about errors while loading cumulusci.yml.

  • CumulusCI now uses Snowfakery 1.6 (see its release notes).

3.29.0 (2021-02-18)#


  • The message shown at the end of running a flow now includes the org name. ##2390, thanks @Julian88Tex

  • Added new preflight check tasks:

    • get_existing_record_types checks for existing Record Types. ##2371, thanks @ClayTomerlin

    • get_assigned_permission_sets checks the current user’s Permission Set Assignments. ##2386

  • The generate_package_xml task now supports the Muting Permission Set metadata type. ##2382

  • The uninstall_packaged_incremental and uninstall_packaged tasks now support a dry_run option, which outputs the destructiveChanges package manifest to the log instead of executing it. ##2393

  • Robot Framework:

    • The Run Task keyword now uses the correct project config when running a task from a different source project. ##2391

    • The SalesforceLibrary has a new keyword, Scroll Element Into View, which is more reliable on Firefox than the keyword of the same name in SeleniumLibrary. ##2391

Issues closed:

  • Fixed very slow cci org connect on Safari. ##2373

  • Added a workaround for decode errors that sometimes happen while processing cci logs on Windows. ##2392

  • If there’s an error while doing JWT authentication to an org, we now log the full response from the server. ##2384

  • Robot Framework: Improved stability of the ObjectManagerPageObject. ##2391

3.28.0 (2021-02-04)#


  • Added a new task, composite_request, for calling the Composite REST Resource. ##2341

  • The create_package_version task has a new option, version_base, which can be used to increment the package version from a different base version instead of from the highest existing version of the 2gp package. The build_feature_test_package flow now uses this option to create a package version with the minor version incremented from the most recent 1gp release published to github. ##2357

  • The create_package_version task now supports setting a post-install script and uninstall script when creating a managed package version, by setting the post_install_script and uninstall_script options. By default, these options will use the values of install_class and uninstall_class from the package section of cumulusci.yml. ##2366

  • Updated to Snowfakery 1.5.

  • Robot Framework:

    • The Click related list button keyword has been modified to be more liberal in the types of DOM elements it will click on. Prior to this change it only clicked on anchor elements, but now also works for related list buttons that use an actual button element. ##2356

    • The Click modal button keyword now attempts to find the given button anywhere on the modal rather than only inside a force-form-footer element. ##2356

Issues closed:

  • Robot Framework:

    • Custom locators can now be used with keywords that expect no element to be found (such as Page should not contain). This previously resulted in an error. ##2346

    • Fixed an error when setting the tagstatexclude option for the robot task. ##2365

  • Fixed a possible error when running CumulusCI flows embedded in a multi-threaded context. ##2347

3.27.0 (2021-01-21)#


  • Snowfakery 1.4 which includes min, max, round functions. PR ##2335

  • The ensure_record_types task has a new option, force_create, which will create the Record Type even if other Record Types already exist on the object. (Thanks to @bethbrains) PR ##2323

  • Allow num_records and num_records_tablename to be omitted when using the task generate_and_load_from_yaml. PR ##2322

  • Added a new Metadata ETL task, add_fields_to_field_set which allows adding fields to existing field sets. (Thanks to @bethbrains) PR ##2334

  • org_settings now accepts a dict option called settings in addition to (or instead of) the existing definition_file option. (Thanks to @bethbrains) PR ##2337

  • New Robot Keywords for Performance Testing: ##2291

    • Set Test Elapsed Time: This keyword captures a computed rather than measured elapsed time for performance tests.

    • Start Perf Time, End Perf Time: start a timer and then store the result.

    • Set Test Metric: store any test metric, not just elapsed time.

  • CumulusCI now reports how long it took for flows to run. ##2249

Issues Closed:

  • Fixed an error that could occur while cleaning cache directories.

  • Fixed potential bugs in the Push Upgrade tasks.

  • CumulusCI displays more user friendly error message when encountering parsing errors in cumulusci.yml. ##2311

  • We fixed an issue causing the extract_dataset task to fail in some circumstances when both an anchor date and Record Types were used. ##2300

  • Handle a possible gack while collecting info about installed packages ##2299

3.26.0 (2021-01-08)#


  • CumulusCI now reports how long it took for flows to run.

  • Flows ci_feature and ci_feature_beta_deps now only run the github_automerge_feature task if the branch begins with the configured feature branch prefix.

  • Running the deploy task with the path option set to a path that doesn’t exist will log a warning instead of raising an error.

  • When the ci_feature_2gp and qa_org_2gp flows install dependencies, the latest beta version will be used when available.

  • CumulusCI can now resolve dependencies using second-generation packages (2GPs) for upstream projects. When a ci_feature_2gp or qa_org_2gp flow runs on a release branch (starting with prefix/NNN, where prefix is the feature branch prefix and NNN is an integer), CumulusCI will look for a matching release branch in each upstream dependency and use a 2GP package build on that release branch, if present, falling back to a 1GP beta release if not present.

Issues Closed:

  • Fixed the org_settings task to handle nested structures in org settings.

  • Fixed a bug where cci task run could fail without a helpful error if run outside of a cci project folder.

  • Fixed an issue that caused CumulusCI to generate invalid package.xml entries for Metadata API-format projects that include __mocks__ or __tests__ LWC directories.

  • Fixed the update_dependencies task to handle automatic injection of namespace prefixes when deploying an unpackaged dependency. The fix for the same issue in CumulusCI 3.25.0 was incomplete.

  • Fixed an issue where an unquoted anchor_date in bulk data mapping failed validation.

  • CumulusCI now handles an error that can occur while collecting info about installed packages

  • Fixed an issue causing the extract_dataset task to fail in some circumstances when both an anchor date and Record Types were used.

  • Fixed an issue where the deprecated syntax for record types was not working.

3.25.0 (2020-12-10)#


  • New tasks:

    • assign_permission_set_groups assigns Permission Set Groups to a user if not already assigned.

    • assign_permission_set_licenses assigns Permission Set Licenses to a user if not already assigned.

  • New preflight checks for use with MetaDeploy install plans:

    • check_enhanced_notes_enabled checks if Enhanced Notes are enabled

    • check_my_domain_active checks if My Domain is active

  • The github_copy_subtree task has a new option, renames, which allows mapping between local and target path names when publishing to support renaming a file or directory from the source repository in the target repository.

  • The ensure_record_types task has a new option, record_type_description, which can be used to set the description of the new record type if it is created.

  • Robot Framework:

    • New keyword Field value should be

    • New keyword Modal should show edit error for fields to check form field error notifications in Spring ‘21

    • Adjusted Get field value and Select dropdown value fields to work in Spring ‘21

  • Command line improvements:

    • The various cci org commands now accept an org name with the --org option, for better consistency with other commands. Specifying an org name without --org also still works.

    • Running cci org default without specifying an org name will now display the current default org.

  • Org configs now have properties org_config.is_multiple_currencies_enabled and org_config.is_advanced_currency_management_enabled which can be used to check if these features are enabled.

  • The MergeBranchOld task, which was previously deprecated, has now been removed.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed the update_dependencies task to handle automatic injection of namespace prefixes when deploying an unpackaged dependency.

  • Fixed the query task, which was completely broken.

  • Fixed the connected_app task to pass the correct username to sfdx. Thanks @atrancadoris

  • Fixed the display of task options with an underscore in cci task info output.

  • Fixed a confusing warning when creating record types using Snowfakery. (#2093)

  • Improved handling of errors while deleting a scratch org.

3.24.1 (2020-12-01)#

Issues Closed:

  • Fixed a regression that prevented running unmanaged flows on persistent orgs, due to the use of the include_beta option while installing dependencies, which is not allowed for persistent orgs. We changed the update_dependencies task to ignore the option and log a warning when running against a persistent org, instead of erroring.

3.24.0 (2020-11-30)#

Critical Changes:

  • The flows dev_org, dev_org_namespaced, qa_org, ci_feature, and install_beta now run the update_dependencies task with the include_beta option enabled, so dependencies will be installed using the most recent beta release instead of the most recent final release. The beta_dependencies flow is no longer used and is considered deprecated.

  • The flows ci_feature_beta_deps and dev_org_beta_deps are now deprecated and should be replaced by their default equivalents above.

  • The ci_feature_2gp flow has been changed to use config_apextest instead of config_managed to avoid configuration steps that are unnecessary for running Apex tests. This means that in order for ci_feature_2gp to work, config_apextest must be set up to work in both managed and unmanaged contexts.

  • When connecting GitHub using cci service connect github, we now prompt for a personal access token instead of a password. (GitHub has removed support for accessing the API using a password as of November 2020.) If you already had a token stored in the password field, it will be transparently migrated to token. If you were specifying --password on the command line when running this command, you need to switch to --token instead.

  • Removed the old cumulusci.tasks.command.SalesforceBrowserTest task class which has not been used for some time.


  • Added a standard qa_org_2gp flow, which can be used to set up a QA org using a 2nd-generation package version that was previously created using the build_feature_test_package flow. This flow makes use of the config_qa flow, which means that config_qa must be set up to work in both managed and unmanaged contexts. This flow is considered experimental and may change at any time.

  • The batch_apex_wait task can now wait for Queueable Apex jobs in addition to batch Apex.

  • The custom_settings_value_wait task now waits if the expected Custom Settings record does not yet exist, and does case insensitive comparison of field names.

  • Preflight checks:

    • Added a task, check_sobject_permissions, to validate sObject permissions.

    • Added a task, check_advanced_currency_management, to determine whether or not Advanced Currency Management is active.

  • Robot Framework:

    • In the Robot Framework Salesforce resource, the Open Test Browser keyword now accepts an optional useralias argument which can be used to open a browser as a different user. The user must already have been created or authenticated using the Salesforce CLI.

  • Updated to Snowfakery 1.3.

Issues Closed:

  • Improved error handling of REST API responses to confirm they are JSON.

  • Fixed error handling in the load_dataset task in Windows.

  • Fixed a bug where pressing Ctrl+C while running cci org connect in Windows did not exit. (#2027)

  • Fixed a bug where deploying an LWC component bundle using the deploy task did not include files in subfolders.

  • Fixed the deploy task so that deploying an empty metadata directory does not error.

  • Fixed a bug where the namespace_inject option was not included when freezing deploy steps for MetaDeploy, causing namespace injection to not work when running the plan in MetaDeploy.

  • Fixed a bug where running the robot task as a cross-project task could not load Robot Framework libraries from the other project.

3.23.0 (2020-11-12)#


  • CumulusCI now accepts a normalized task option syntax in the form of: --opt-name value. This can be used in place of the old task option syntax: -o opt-name value.

  • Tasks which perform namespace injection can now automatically determine whether they are running in the context of a managed installation or a namespaced scratch org. This means that in many cases it is no longer necessary to explicitly specify options like managed/unmanaged/namespaced/namespaced_org/namespace_inject, or to use a separate flow for namespaced scratch orgs.

  • The deploy_unmanaged flow now deploys sfdx-formatted metadata using the Metadata API rather than the sfdx force:source:push command. This avoids an issue where sfdx could show an error about the pushed components conflicting with other changes that already happened in the org. It also improves consistency between how metadata is deployed to a scratch org and how it is deployed to a packaging org.

  • Removed the namespaced_org option for the update_dependencies task, which was not functional.

  • We added support for including SOQL where-clauses Salesforce Query Robot keyword via the where keyword argument.

  • The create_package_version task can accept a static_resource_path option.

  • The FindReplace task now has a replace_env option which, if true, will interpret the replace option as the name of an environment variable whose value should be used for the replacement.

  • We added a new command, cci project doc, which will document project-specific tasks to a reStructuredText file.

Issues closed:

  • An error that occurred when building a second-generation package using a cross-project task has been fixed.

  • The github_package_data task will now work for projects using API versions prior to 44.0.

  • Fixed a bug where namespace injection of the %%%NAMESPACED_ORG%%% token with the namespaced_org option enabled did not actually add the namespace prefix unless the managed option was also enabled.

  • We fixed an issue that resulted in the batch_size option in a data mapping file being ignored.

3.22.0 (2020-10-29)#


  • We added support for using Robot keywords from other projects that are included as sources.

    • The suites option of the robot task can now take a list of suite paths. Paths can include a prefix representing a remote repository as defined by the sources configuration option (eg: -o suites npsp:robot/Cumulus/tests/api)

    • The robot task has a new sources option to work in conjunction with the global sources option to allow the use of keywords and tests from other repositories.

    • When running the robot task, the folder containing downloaded repositories via the sources option are added to PYTHONPATH so that robot tests can find library and resource files in those repositories

  • Bulk Data tasks now support adding or removing a namespace from a mapping file to match the target org.

  • We improved how we parse Boolean values in Bulk Data tasks and in command line options. True can be represented as “yes”, “y”, “true”, “on”, or “1”, with any capitalization, and False as “no”, “n”, “false”, “off”, “0”. None as a synonym for False is deprecated.

  • We added support for including managed package release details in automatically generated release notes.

  • We added a task, assign_permission_sets, to assign Permission Sets to a user.

  • We updated the default API version for new projects to 50.0.

  • The build_feature_test_package flow now creates a 2GP package version with the “skip validation” option turned on.

  • github_automerge_main now only merges to the lowest numbered release branch when multiple are detected.

Issues closed:

  • We fixed an issue with relative imports within parallel Robot test runs by adding the repo root to PYTHONPATH.

  • We fixed an issue with generating package.xml manifests for directories that contain reports in folders that aren’t owned by the project.

  • We now handle an exception that may occur while creating merge conflict PRs during parent-child automerges.

3.21.1 (2020-10-19)#

Issues closed: - Added a workaround for a slow query error while looking up installed packages in Winter ‘21 orgs.

3.21.0 (2020-10-15)#


  • The update_admin_profile task now accepts the api_names option to target extra Profiles, even when using a custom package.xml.

  • The github_automerge_main task can now be used on source branches other than the default branch to merge them into branches starting with the branch_prefix option, as long as the source branch does not also start with branch_prefix.

  • Added preflight check tasks to validate org settings (check_org_settings_value) and to check that Chatter is enabled (check_chatter_enabled). These are intended for use with MetaDeploy install plans.

  • Updated to Snowfakery 1.2.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed an issue in the load_dataset task which left out non-Person-Account Contacts if the dataset was extracted using the REST API.

3.20.1 (2020-10-05)#

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a bug introduced in CumulusCI 3.20.0 in which the upload_beta and upload_production tasks could hit a connection error if uploading the package took over 10 minutes.

  • We corrected edge cases in how we processed Boolean options for the custom_settings_wait, exec_anon, and uninstall_post tasks. (Thanks to @davidjray)

3.20.0 (2020-09-30)#

Critical Changes:

  • We’ve removed the standard flow: retrieve_scratch. The recommended way for retrieving source-tracked changes is to use the retrieve_changes task.

  • Changes to automatic merging:

    • The github_master_to_feature task has been renamed to github_automerge_main. It still merges changes from the default branch to feature branches. In the case of an orphaned feature branch (a branch with a name like feature/parent__child where feature/parent does not exist as its own branch), the github_automerge_main branch will no longer merge to the orphaned branch.

    • The github_parent_to_children task has been renamed to github_automerge_feature. It still merges changes from feature branches to their children (e.g. feature/parent would be merged to feature/parent__child). It is now possible to use multiple double-underscores to create more deeply nested children, and the task will only merge to the next level (e.g. feature/parent would merge to feature/parent__child which would merge to feature/parent__child__grandchild).

    • The children_only option for these tasks has been removed. The strategy for picking which branches to target for merging is now determined by the source_branch.

Tasks, Flows, and Automation:

  • cci flow list now displays flows in different groups that are organized by functional area. (This is similar to how cci task list currently works).

  • The insert_record task can now be used against the Tooling API. We clarified that this task can accept a dict of values if configured in cumulusci.yml.

  • Added support for newer metadata types to the update_package_xml task.

  • Previously, large data loads and extracts would use enormous amounts of memory. Now they should use roughly constant amounts of memory.

  • Adjusted tasks: install_managed and update_dependencies can now install packages from just a version id (04t).

  • Added support for creating 2GP packages (experimental)

    • New task: github_package_data gets a package version id from a GitHub commit status. It is intended primarily for use as part of the ci_feature_2gp flow. Implementation details can be found in the features section of the documentation.

    • New task: create_package_version - Builds a 2gp package (managed or unlocked) via a Dev Hub org. Includes some automated handling of dependencies:

    • New Flow: build_feature_test_package - Runs the create_package_version task, and in the context of MetaCI it will set a commit status with the package version id.

    • New Flow: ci_feature_2gp - Retrieves the package version from the commit status set by build_feature_test_package, installs dependencies and the package itself in a scratch org, and runs Apex tests. (There is another new task, github_package_data, which is used by this flow.)

User Experience:

  • Improved error messaging when encountering errors during bulk data mapping validation.

Issues Closed:

  • Fixed a very rare bug that caused CumulusCI to fail to retrieve installed packages from an org when running package-related tasks or evaluating when conditional expressions.

  • Fixed UnicodeDecodeError while opening config files on Windows.

  • Fixed a bug in cumulusci.core.sfdx.sfdx when capture_output is False

3.19.1 (2020-09-18)#

Issues closed:

  • Fixed an issue (#2032) where REST API data loads incorrectly handled Boolean values.

3.19.0 (2020-09-17)#


  • Tasks and automation:

    • CumulusCI now supports using the REST Collections API in data load, extract, and delete operations. By default, CumulusCI will select an API for you based on data volume (<2000 records uses the REST API, >=2000 uses Bulk); a desired API can be configured via the mapping file.

    • Removed the namespace_tokenize option from tasks that deploy metadata, and removed the namespace_inject option from tasks that retrieve metadata, because it’s unclear when they would be useful.

    • The task create_permission_set allows for creating and assigning a Permission Set that enables specific User Permissions. (Note: other types of permissions are not yet supported).

    • The task create_bulk_data_permission_set creates a Permission Set with the Hard Delete and Set Audit Fields permissions for use with data load operations. The org permission to allow Set Audit Fields must be turned on.

    • CumulusCI’s load_dataset and extract_dataset tasks now support relative dates. To take advantage of relative dates, include the anchor_date key (with a date in YYYY-MM-DD format) in each mapping step you wish to relativize. On extract, dates will be modified to be the same interval from the anchor date as they are from the current date; on load, dates will be modified to be the same interval from today’s date as they are from their anchor. Both date and date-time fields are supported.

  • Other:

    • The oid_as_pk key is no longer supported in bulk data mappings. (This key was already deprecated). Select object Id mode by including the Id field in mappings.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed an issue (#2001) that caused CumulusCI to extract invalid data sets when using after: steps with autoincrement primary keys.

  • Fixed an issue where the retrieve_changes task did not actually retrieve folders.

  • Fixed a bug in the metadeploy-publish task where labels starting with “Install ” were not extracted for localization.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented using JWT auth with sandboxes if the sandbox’s instance_url did not include an instance name.

  • Fixed a bug where cci project init generated an invalid mapping for bulk data tasks.

3.18.0 (2020-09-03)#


  • Tasks and automation:

    • CumulusCI now tries 10 times (instead of 5) to install managed package versions, which helps ameliorate timeouts when new versions are released.

    • We added support for CSV files to the push_list task.

    • We added a ref option to github_copy_subtree to allow publishing a git reference (commit hash, branch, or tag).

    • Changed the disable_tdtm_trigger_handlers (SetTDTMHandlerStatus) task so that trigger handler state is remembered in the cache directory instead of REPO_ROOT.

  • User experience:

    • The cci error info command now defaults to showing the entire traceback when it is more than 30 lines.

  • Robot Framework:

    • The following robot keywords have been updated to work with Winter ‘21:

      • Load related list

      • Click related list button

      • Click related item link

      • Click related item popup link

      • Go to object home

      • Go to object list

      • Go to record home

      • Populate lookup field

    • The keyword Load related list has been rewritten to be slightly more efficient. It also has a new parameter tries which can be used if the target is more than 1000 pixels below the bottom of the window.

Issues Closed:

  • Fixed a bug where cci error gist could throw a UnicodeDecodeError on Windows (fixes ##1977)

  • Fixed a bug where cci org list could throw a TypeError when run outside a project directory (fixes ##1998)

  • The metadeploy_publish task can now update translations for language codes with more than 2 letters.

  • Fixed a bug where the extract_dataset task could fail with a UnicodeEnodeError on Windows.

  • update_dependencies deduplicates its package install list, making it possible to handle situations where the same beta package is reached by two dependency paths.

3.17.0 (2020-08-20)#


  • Tasks and automation:

    • We added the upload_user_profile_photo and upload_default_user_profile_photo tasks, which allow for setting Users’ profile photos from images stored in the repository. (Thanks to @spelak-salesforce).

    • We added the property is_person_accounts_enabled to the org_config object, which is available in when clauses. (Thanks to @spelak-salesforce).

  • Policies and inclusive language:

    • We added information about Salesforce’s Open Source Community Code of Conduct and Security policies.

    • We updated documentation to more consistently refer to the “main” branch, reflecting CumulusCI’s support for per-project specification of main branches other than master.

  • User experience:

    • We modified how we handle situations where the default org is not valid for better user experience.

    • We catch a common mistake in entering command-line options (-org instead of --org, as well as incorrectly-formatted flow options) and show a clearer error.

    • We now capture and display the InstanceName of orgs in cci org list’s output.

  • Robot Framework:

    • We now cleanly fall back to the latest available API version for Robot locators if the newest API version does not have an available locator file. This change helps support Robot testing on the latest prerelease editions of Salesforce.

    • We included some updates to locators for API version 50.0.

  • Other:

    • We added a new environment variable, SFDX_SIGNUP_INSTANCE, and an instance key in org definitions, to specify a preferred instance routing. NOTE: this functionality requires Dev Hub permissions that are not Generally Available.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented package install links from getting added to release notes.

  • Fixed a bug (#1914) which caused errors when customizing some Flow steps with decimal step numbers.

  • Fixed a bug making it difficult to troubleshoot issues with Snowfakery and CumulusCI on Windows.

  • Fixed a bug in update_admin_profile that resulted in errors when attempting to manage Record Types across multiple objects.

3.16.0 (2020-08-06)#


  • Project initialization:

    • When starting a new CumulusCI project, the cci project init command now uses the current git branch as the project’s default branch.

    • API version 49.0 is now set as the default for new projects.

  • Bulk data tasks:

    • Added a task called delete_data for deleting all data from specified objects. This was previously available but required manually adding it to cumulusci.yml

    • The load_dataset, extract_dataset, and delete_data tasks now support automatic namespace injection. When object and field names are specified without namespaces, but the target org only has them with a namespace prefix attached, CumulusCI automatically adds the namespace prefix. This makes it easier for projects to use a single mapping file for unmanaged orgs, namespaced scratch org, and managed orgs.

    This behavior is on by default, but may be disabled by setting the inject_namespaces option to False. This feature is believed to be backwards-compatible; however, projects that subclass built-in data loading classes, or which use data loading tasks in very unusual ways, might be impacted.

    • The load_dataset and extract_dataset tasks have a new option, drop_missing_schema. When enabled, this option causes CumulusCI to silently ignore elements in a dataset or mapping that are not present in the target org. This option is useful when building datasets that support additional, optional managed packages or features, which may or may not be installed.

    • The extract_dataset and load_dataset tasks now support Person Accounts. These will be handled automatically as long as both Account and Contact are in the mapping file. Additional fields should be added to the Account mapping rather than Contact. Thanks @spelak-salesforce

    • The generate_dataset_mapping task generates mappings in line with the latest revisions of load/extract functionality: fields are specified as a list, the table key is omitted, and namespaces are stripped.

    • The generate_dataset_mapping has improved logic for resolving reference cycles between objects. If one of the lookup fields is nillable, the object with that field will be listed first in the generated mapping file.

    • The generate_and_load_from_yaml task has a new option, working_directory, which can be used to keep temporary files for debugging. The debug_dir option has been removed.

  • Robot Framework:

    • The robot task has a new option, processes. If the value is > 1, tests will be run in parallel in the given number of processes, using pabot. Note: It’s still up to the test author to make sure the tests won’t conflict with each other when running in parallel. This feature is considered experimental.

    • Added an ObjectManager page object for interacting with the Object Manager in Setup. Thanks to @rjanjanam

    • RequestsLibrary is now included as a way to test REST APIs from Robot Framework.

  • Metadata ETL:

    • Added a new task, set_field_help_text, which can be used to update Help Text values on existing fields.

    • Added a new task, update_metadata_first_child_text, which can be used to update a single value in existing metadata. Thanks @spelak-salesforce

    • Added a new task, assign_compact_layout, which can update a compact layout assignment in existing object metadata. Thanks @spelak-salesforce

  • Added a new task, github_copy_subtree, to allow publishing selected files or folders to another repository after a release. This allows publishing a subset of your project’s code from a private repository to a public one, for example.

  • The create_community task has a new option, skip_existing. When True, the task will not error if a community with the specified name already exists.

  • The release_beta and release_production flows now generate a section in the release notes on GitHub including package install links.

  • Task options can now use $project_config substitutions in any position, not just at the start of the value.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a bug where changes to global orgs would be saved as project-specific orgs.

  • Fixed a bug where cumulusci.yml could fail to parse if certain options were specified in cci project init (#1780)

  • The install_managed task now recognizes an additional error message that indicates a package version has not yet finished propagating, and performs retries appropriately.

  • Fixed a bug in the logic to prevent installing beta packages in non-scratch orgs.

  • Fixed a bug where the list_changes, retrieve_changes, and snapshot_changes tasks could error while trying to reset sfdx source tracking.

  • Fixed a bug where the push_failure_report task could be missing some failed orgs if there were more than 200 errors.

  • Fixed a bug where the github_release_notes task could list a change note under a wrong subheading from a different section.

  • Fixed freezing of command tasks for MetaDeploy.

Internal changes (these should not affect you unless you’re interacting with CumulusCI at the Python level):

  • Standardized naming of different levels of configuration:

    • BaseGlobalConfig is now UniversalConfig.

    • BaseGlobalConfig.config_global_local_path is now UniversalConfig.config_global_path

    • BaseGlobalConfig.config_global_path is now UniversalConfig.config_universal_path

    • BaseProjectConfig.global_config_obj is now universal_config_obj

    • BaseProjectConfig.config_global is now config_universal

    • BaseProjectConfig.config_global_local is now config_global

    • EncryptedFileProjectKeychain.config_local_dir is now global_config_dir

    • BaseCumulusCI.global_config_class is now universal_config_class

    • BaseCumulusCI.global_config is now universal_config

  • Added UniversalConfig.cumulusci_config_dir as a central way to get the path for storing configuration. UniversalConfig.config_local_dir was removed.

  • OrgConfigs now keep track of which keychain they were loaded from, and have a new save method which is the preferred API for persisting updates to the config.

3.15.0 (2020-07-09)#


  • The run_tests task now defaults to only logging tests that failed. Set the verbose option to True to see all results including tests that passed.

  • The update_dependencies task now supports an ignore_dependencies option, which prevents CumulusCI from processing a specific dependency (whether direct or transitive). This feature may be useful in installers for packages that extend other packages if the installer is not meant to include the base package.

  • Improvements to the mapping file for the extract_dataset and load_dataset tasks:

    • Fields can now be specified as a simple list of Salesforce API names, instead of a mapping. CumulusCI will infer the database column names.

    • Mappings may omit the table key and CumulusCI will use the object name.

    • The tasks will check and show an error if mappings do not use a consistent object Id mode.

    • Mappings can now include junction objects with no additional fields.

  • The generate_dataset_mapping task now has an include option to specify additional objects to include in the mapping if they aren’t found by the default heuristics.

  • Added additional tasks intended for use as preflight checks for MetaDeploy install plans:

    • check_sobjects_enabled returns a set of available SObject names.

    • check_org_wide_defaults returns a boolean indicating whether Organization-Wide Defaults match the specified values.

  • The update_package_xml task now supports the MessageChannel metadata type.

  • Adjusted the default rules for the robot_lint task.

  • CumulusCI can be configured to always show Python stack traces in the case of an error by setting the show_stacktraces option to True in the cli section of ~/.cumulusci/cumulusci.yml.

  • The prompt provided by cci org shell now has access to the Tooling API through the keyword tooling.

  • When using the JWT OAuth2 flow, CumulusCI can be configured to use alternate Salesforce login URLs by setting the SF_PROD_LOGIN_URL and SF_SANDBOX_LOGIN_URL environment variables.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a UnicodeDecodeError that could happen while using the extract_dataset task on Windows. (#1838)

  • Fixed support for the CustomHelpMenuSection metadata type in the update_package_xml task. (#1832)

  • Deleting a scratch org now clears its domain from showing in cci org list.

  • If you try to use cci org connect with a login URL containing lightning.force.com, CumulusCI will explain that you should use the .my.salesforce.com domain instead.

  • Fixed an issue with deriving the Lightning domain from the instance URL for some orgs.

3.14.0 (2020-06-18)#


  • Added a generic dx task which makes it easy to run Salesforce CLI commands against orgs in CumulusCI’s keychain. Use the command option to specify the sfdx command.

  • Tasks which do namespace injection now support the %%%NAMESPACE_DOT%%% injection token, which can be used to support references to packaged Apex classes and Record Types. The token is replaced with ns. rather than ns__ (for namespace ns).

  • Updated to Robot Framework 3.2.1. Robot Framework has a new parser with a few backwards incompatible changes. For details see the release notes.

  • The run_tests task now gracefully handles the required_org_code_coverage_percent option as a string or an integer.

  • CumulusCI now logs a success message when a flow finishes running.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a regression introduced in CumulusCI 3.13.0 where connections to a scratch org could fail with a ReadTimeout or other connection error if more than 10 minutes elapsed since a prior task that interacted with the org. This is similar to the fix from 3.13.2, but for scratch orgs.

  • Show a clearer error message if dependencies are configured in an unrecognized format.

3.13.2 (2020-06-10)#

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a regression introduced in CumulusCI 3.13.0 where connections to Salesforce could fail with a ReadTimeout or other connection error if more than 10 minutes elapsed since a prior task that interacted with the org.

3.13.1 (2020-06-09)#

Issues closed:

3.13.0 (2020-06-04)#


  • A new Metadata ETL task, add_picklist_entries, safely adds picklist values to an existing custom field.

  • Added the cci org prune command to automatically remove all expired scratch orgs from the CumulusCI keychain.

  • Improvements to the cci org shell command:

    • Better inline help

    • New query and describe functions

  • Scratch org creation will now wait up to 120 minutes for the org to be created to avoid timeouts with more complex org shapes.

  • The generate_data_dictionary task now has more features for complex projects. By default, the task will walk through all project dependencies and include them in the generated data dictionaries. Other non-dependency projects can be included with the additional_dependencies option. The output format has been extensively improved.

  • The run_tests task supports a new option, required_org_code_coverage_percent. If set, the task will fail if aggregate code coverage in the org is less than the configured value. Code coverage verification is available only in unmanaged builds.

  • The install_managed and update_dependencies tasks now accept a security_type option to specify whether the package should be installed for all users or for admins only.

  • when expressions can now use the has_minimum_package_version method to check if a package is installed with a sufficient version. For example: when: org_config.has_minimum_package_version("namespace", "1.0")

  • Robot Framework:

    • Added a new keyword in the modal page objects, Select dropdown value. This keyword will be available whenever you use the Wait for modal keyword to pull in a modal page object.

Issues closed:

  • Limited the variables available in global scope for the cci shell command.

  • Tasks based on BaseSalesforceApiTask which use the Bulk API now default to using the project’s API version rather than 40.0.

  • Bulk data tasks:

    • The extract_dataset task no longer converts to snake_case when picking a name for lookup columns.

    • Improved error message when trying to use the load_dataset command with an incorrect record type.

    • Fixed a bug with the generate_mapping_file option.

3.12.2 (2020-05-07)#


  • Added a task, set_duplicate_rule_status, which allows selective activation and deactivation of Duplicate Rules.

  • The create_community task now retries multiple times if there’s an error.

  • The generate_data_dictionary task now supports multi-select picklist fields and will indicate the related object for lookup fields.

  • The update_package_xml task now supports the NavigationMenu metadata type.

Issues closed:

  • In the Salesforce library for Robot Framework, fixed locators for the actions ribbon and app launcher button in Summer ‘20.

  • Fixed the load_dataset task so that steps which don’t explicitly specify a bulk_mode will inherit the option specified at the task level.

  • Fixed error handling if an exception occurs within one of the cci error commands.

  • Fixed error handling if the Metadata API returns a response that is marked as done but also contains an errorMessage.

3.12.1 (2020-04-27)#

Fixed a problem building the Homebrew formula for installing CumulusCI 3.12.0.

3.12.0 (2020-04-27)#


  • We’ve removed the prompt that users see when trying to use a scratch org that has expired, and now automatically recreate the scratch org.

  • The load_dataset task now automatically avoids creating Bulk API batches larger than the 10 million character limit.

  • Robot Framework:

    • When opening an org in the browser, the Salesforce library now attempts to detect if the org was created using the Classic UI and automatically switch to Lightning Experience.

    • The Salesforce library now has preliminary support for Summer ‘20 preview orgs.

  • CumulusCI now directs simple-salesforce to return results as normal Python dicts instead of OrderedDicts. This should have minimal impact since normal dicts are ordered in the versions of Python that CumulusCI supports, but we mention it for the sake of completeness.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed an issue where non-ASCII output caused an error when trying to write to the CumulusCI log in Windows. (#1619)

3.11.0 (2020-04-17)#


  • CumulusCI now includes Snowfakery, a tool for generating fake data. It can be used to generate and load data into an org via the new generate_and_load_from_yaml task.

  • Added two new preflight check tasks for use in MetaDeploy: get_available_licenses and get_available_permission_set_licenses. These tasks make available lists of the License Definition Keys for the org’s licenses or PSLs.

  • The get_installed_packages task now logs its result.

  • Robot Framework: Added two new keywords (Get Fake Data and Set Faker Locale) and a global robot variable (${faker}) which can be used to generate fake data using the Faker library.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed an error when loading a dependency whose cumulusci.yml contains non-breaking spaces.

  • Fixed a PermissionError when running multiple concurrent CumulusCI commands in Windows. (#1477)

  • Show a more helpful error message if a keychain entry can’t be loaded due to a change in the encryption key.

  • Fixed the org_settings task to use the API version of the org rather than the API version of the package.

  • In the Salesforce Robot Framework library, the Open App Launcher keyword now tries to detect and recover from an occasional situation where the app launcher fails to load.

3.10.0 (2020-04-02)#


  • Added custom_settings_value_wait task to wait for a custom setting to have a particular value.

  • The metadeploy_publish task now has a labels_path option which specifies a folder to store translations. After publishing a plan, labels_en.json will be updated with the untranslated labels from the plan. Before publishing a plan, labels from other languages will be published to MetaDeploy.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed an issue where running subprocesses could hang if too much output was buffered.

3.9.1 (2020-03-25)#

Issues closed:

  • The batch_apex_wait task will now detect aborted and failed jobs instead of waiting indefinitely.

  • Fixed reporting of errors from Robot Framework when it exits with a return code > 250.

  • Fixed an ImportError that could happen when importing the new metadata ETL tasks.

  • Fixed bugs in how the set_organization_wide_defaults and update_admin_profile tasks operated in namespaced scratch orgs.

  • Show a more helpful error message if CumulusCI can’t find a project’s repository or release on GitHub. (#1281)

  • Fixed the message shown for skipped steps in cci flow info.

  • Fixed a regression which accidentally removed support for the bulk_mode option in bulk data mappings.

3.9.0 (2020-03-16)#

Critical changes:

  • The update_admin_profile task can now add field-level permissions for all packaged objects. This behavior is the default for projects with minimum_cumulusci_version >= 3.9.0 that are not using the package_xml option. Other projects can opt into it using the include_packaged_objects option.

    The Python class used for this task has been renamed to ProfileGrantAllAccess and refactored to use the Metadata ETL framework. This is a breaking change for custom tasks that subclassed UpdateAdminProfile or UpdateProfile.

  • Refactored how CumulusCI uses the Bulk API to load, extract, and delete data sets. These changes should have no functional impact, but projects that subclass CumulusCI’s bulk data tasks should carefully review the changes.


  • New projects created using cci project init will now get set up with scratch org settings to:

    • Use the Enhanced Profile Editor

    • Allow logging in as another user

    • Not force relogin after Login-As

  • If cumulusci.yml contains non-breaking spaces in indentation, they will be automatically converted to normal spaces.

  • Bulk data tasks:

    • Added improved validation that mapping files are in the expected format.

    • When using the ignore_row_errors option, warnings will be suppressed after the 10th row with errors.

Issues closed:

  • The github_release task now validates the commit option to make sure it is in the right format.

  • If there is an error from sfdx while using the retrieve_changes task, it will now be logged.

3.8.0 (2020-02-28)#


  • The batch_apex_wait task can now wait for chained batch jobs, i.e. when one job starts another job of the same class.

  • The metadata ETL tasks that were added in cumulusci 3.7.0 have been refactored to use a new library, cumulusci.utils.xml.metadata_tree, which streamlines building Salesforce Metadata XML in Python. If you got an early start writing custom tasks using the metadata ETL task framework, you may need to adjust them to work with this library instead of lxml.

Issues closed:

  • Adjusted the run_tests task to avoid an error due to not being able to access the symbol table for managed Apex classes in Spring ‘20. Due to this limitation, CumulusCI now will not attempt to retry class-level concurrency failures when running Apex unit tests in a managed package. Such failures will be logged but will not cause a build failure.

  • Corrected a bug in storing preflight check results for MetaDeploy when multiple tasks have the same path.

3.7.0 (2020-02-20)#


  • Added a framework for building tasks that extract, transform, and load metadata from a Salesforce org. The initial set of tasks include:

    • add_standard_value_set_entries to add entries to a StandardValueSet.

    • add_page_layout_related_lists to add Related Lists to a Page Layout.

    • add_permission_set_perms to add field permissions and Apex class accesses to a Permission Set.

    • set_organization_wide_defaults to set the Organization-Wide Defaults for one or more objects and wait for the operation to complete.

  • Added a new task insert_record to insert a single sObject record via the REST API.

  • The update_admin_profile task now accepts a profile_name option, which defaults to Admin. This allows the task to be used to update other Profiles. (The task class has been renamed to UpdateProfile, but can still be used with the old name.)

  • Updated to use Metadata API version 48.0 as the default for new projects.

  • Robot Framework: Improved documentation for the API keywords in the Salesforce keyword library.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed the cci error info command. It was failing to load the log from the previous command.

  • Fixed a bug where some error messages were not displayed correctly.

  • Adjusted the Salesforce Robot Framework keyword library for better stability in Chrome 80.

  • Fixed a bug where using SFDXOrgTask to run an sfdx command on a non-scratch org would break with “Must pass a username and/or OAuth options when creating an AuthInfo instance.”

  • Fixed a bug where an error while extracting the repository of a cross-project source could leave behind an incomplete copy of the codebase which would then be used by future commands.

3.6.0 (2020-02-06)#


  • cci task info now has Command Syntax section and improved formatting of option information.

  • CumulusCI now displays a more helpful error message when it detects a network connection issue. (#1460)

  • We’ve added the option ignore_types to the uninstall_packaged_incremental task to allow all components of the specified metadata type to be ignored without having to explicitly list each one.

  • The FindReplace task now accepts a list of strings for the file_pattern option.

  • If the DeleteData task fails to delete some rows, this is now reported as an error.

  • Robot Framework: Added a new variable \${SELENIUM_SPEED that is used to control the speed at which selenium runs when the Open Test Browser keyword is called.

Issues Closed:

  • Fixed an issue where existing scratch orgs could sometimes not be used in Windows.

  • Fixed a regression where [flow info]{.title-ref} and [task info]{.title-ref} commands could show an error [AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘get_service’]{.title-ref} when trying to load tasks or flows from a cross-project source. (#1529)

  • Fixed an issue where certain HTTP errors while running the bulk data tasks were not reported.

3.5.4 (2020-01-30)#


  • There is a new top level [cci error]{.title-ref} command for interacting with errors in CumulusCI

  • [cci gist]{.title-ref} is now [cci error gist]{.title-ref}

  • [cci error info]{.title-ref} displays the last 30 lines of a stacktrace from the previous [cci]{.title-ref} command run (if present).

  • Changed the prompt users receive when encountering errors in [cci]{.title-ref}.

Issues Closed:

  • Robot Framework: Reverted a change to the [select_record_type]{.title-ref} keyword in the Salesforce library to work in both Winter ‘20 and Spring ‘20

3.5.3 (2020-01-23)#

  • Added new features for running Python code (in a file or string) without bringing up an interactive shell. You can now use [–python]{.title-ref} and [–script]{.title-ref} arguments for the [cci shell]{.title-ref} and [cci org shell]{.title-ref} commands.

  • Added support for up to two optional parameters in Apex anonymous via token substitution.

  • The [EnsureRecordTypes]{.title-ref} class is now exposed as ensure_record_types and correctly supports the Case, Lead, and Solution sObjects (in addition to other standard objects).

  • Fixed a bug where the github_parent_pr_notes was attempting to post comments on issues related to child pull request change notes.

  • Fixed various Robot keyword issues that have been reported for Spring ‘20.

3.5.2 (2020-01-21)#

Issues closed:

  • Fixed an issue where errors running the [cci gist]{.title-ref} command prompt the user to use the [cci gist]{.title-ref} command.

  • Removed reference to [os.uname()]{.title-ref} so that [cci gist]{.title-ref} works on Windows.

  • Fixed an issue where the dx_pull task causes an infinite loop to occur on Windows.

3.5.1 (2020-01-15)#

Issues closed:

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing newlines in output.

  • Don’t show the prompt to create a gist if the user aborts the process.

  • Avoid errors that can happen when trying to store the CumulusCI encryption key in the system keychain using Python’s keyring library, which can fail on some systems such as CI systems:

    • We fixed a regression that caused CumulusCI to try to load the keychain even for commands where it’s not used.

    • We fixed a bug that caused CumulusCI to try to load the keychain key even when using an unencrypted keychain such as the EnvironmentProjectKeychain.

  • Adjusted some keywords in the Salesforce library for Robot Framework to handle changes in the Spring ‘20 release.

3.5.0 (2020-01-15)#


  • The load_dataset task now accepts a bulk_mode option which can be set to Serial to load batches serially instead of in parallel.

  • CumulusCI now stores the logs from the last five executions under ~/.cumulusci/logs

  • CumulusCI has a new top-level command: cci gist. This command creates a secret GitHub gist which includes: The user’s current CumulusCI version, current Python version, path to python binary, sysname (e.g. Darwin), machine (e.g. x86_64), and the most recent CumulusCI logfile (~/.cumulusci/logs/cci.log). The command outputs a link to the created gist and opens a browser tab with the new GitHub gist. This can be helpful for sharing information regarding errors and issues encountered when working with cci. This feature uses a users GitHub access token for creation of gists. If your access token does not have the ‘gist (Create gists)’ scope this command will result in a 404 error. For more info see: https://cumulusci.readthedocs.io/en/latest/features.html#reporting-error-logs

  • Changed UpdateAdminProfile so that it only deploys the modified Admin profile. While it is necessary to retrieve profiles along their associated metadata objects, we don’t need to do that for deployments.

  • Added options to the deploy task: check_only, test_level, and specified_tests. Run cci task info deploy for details. (#1066)

3.4.0 (2020-01-09)#


  • Added activate_flow task which can be used to activate Flows and Process Builder processes.

  • Added two tasks, disable_tdtm_trigger_handlers and restore_tdtm_trigger_handlers, which can be used to disable trigger handlers for the table-driven trigger management feature of NPSP and EDA.

  • In the load_dataset task, added a way to avoid resetting the Salesforce Id mapping tables by setting the reset_oids option to False. This can be useful when running the task multiple times with the same org.

  • Added support for a few new metadata types from API versions 47 and 48 in the update_package_xml task.

  • Added a way for Robot Framework libraries to register custom locators for use by the selenium library.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a bug with freezing the load_data task for MetaDeploy where it would use an invalid option for database_url.

  • Fixed a bug in the github_release_notes task when processing a pull request with no description. (#1444)

  • Fixed inaccurate instructions shown at the end of cci project init.

3.3.0 (2019-12-27)#

Breaking changes:

  • Removed tasks which are no longer in use: mrbelvedere_publish, generate_apex_docs, and commit_apex_docs.


  • Updated Robot Framework Salesforce library to support the Spring ‘20 release.

  • Added remove_metadata_xml_elements task which can be used to remove specified XML elements from metadata files.

  • Updated references to the NPSP repository to use its new name instead of Cumulus.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed the error message shown when a task config has a bad class_path.

  • Fixed a warning when running the command task in Python 3.8.

  • When the CumulusCI Robot Framework library calls Salesforce APIs, it will now automatically retry when it is safe to do so. It will also avoid reusing old connections that might have been closed.

  • Fixed the -o debug True option for the robot task.

3.2.0 (2019-12-11)#

Breaking changes:

  • We upgraded the SeleniumLibrary for Robot Framework from version 3.3.1 to version 4.1.0. This includes the removal of some deprecated keywords. See the SeleniumLibrary releases for links to detailed release notes.


  • The Persistent Orgs table shown by cci org list has been renamed to Connected Orgs since scratch orgs will be shown here if they were connected using cci org connect instead of created via the Salesforce CLI. This table now shows the org’s expiration date, if known.

  • Improvements to the retrieve_changes task:

    • The task now retrieves only the components that actually changed, not all components listed in package.xml in the target directory.

    • Changes can now be retrieved into folders in DX source format. The target directory defaults to src if the project is using mdapi format or the default entry in packageDirectories in sfdx-project.json if the project is using sfdx format. (Namespace tokenization is not supported in DX format, since there isn’t currently a way to deploy DX format source including namespace tokens.)

  • Added a task, load_custom_settings, to upload Custom Settings defined in YAML into a target org. See https://cumulusci.readthedocs.io/en/latest/bulk_data.html#custom-settings for more info.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed an issue with how the package upload task logs Apex test failures to make sure they show up in MetaCI.

  • Fixed KeyError: createdDate error when trying to get scratch org info.

  • A rare issue where CumulusCI could fail to load the symbol table for a failed Apex test class is now caught and reported.

  • CumulusCI now displays the underlying error if it encounters a problem with storing its encryption key in the system keychain.

3.1.2 (2019-11-20)#

Breaking changes:

  • We changed the default path for the mapping file created by the generate_dataset_mapping task to datasets/mapping.yml so that it matches the defaults for extract_dataset and load_dataset

  • We changed the extract_dataset and load_dataset tasks to default to storing data in an SQL file, datasets/sample.sql, instead of a binary SQLite database file.


  • run_tests can now detect and optionally retry two classes of concurrency issues with Apex unit tests. run_tests should always report an accurate total of test methods run, in parallel or serial mode.

  • Added the task generate_data_dictionary. This task indexes the fields and objects created in each GitHub release for the project and generates a data dictionary in CSV format.

  • Added a devhub service. This can be used to switch a project to a non-default sfdx Dev Hub using cci service connect devhub --project

  • Added a predefined qa scratch org. It uses the same scratch org definition file as the dev org, but makes it easier to spin up a second org for QA purposes without needing to first create it using cci org scratch.

  • The database_url option for the extract_dataset and load_dataset tasks is no longer required. Either database_url or sql_path must be specified. If both are specified, the sql_path will be ignored.

  • Developers can now directly execute CumulusCI from the Python command line using python -m cumulusci or python cumulusci/__main__.py

Issues closed:

  • A problem with how run_tests performed Apex test retries when retry_always is set to True has been corrected.

3.1.1 (2019-11-13)#

New features:

  • After connecting an org with cci org connect, the browser now shows the message “Congratulations! Your authentication succeeded.” instead of “OK”

  • External GitHub sources can now specify release: latest, release: latest_beta, or release: previous instead of a commit, branch, or tag.

  • The execute_anon task has been revised to detect when a gack occurred during execution.

Issues closed:

  • When importing a scratch org from sfdx using cci org import, the org’s days is now set correctly from the org’s actual expiration date. (#1101)

  • The package API version from cumulusci.yml is now validated to make sure it’s in the “XX.0” format expected by the API. (#1134)

  • Fixed an error deploying new setting objects using the org_settings task in Winter ‘20.

  • Fixed a bug in processing preflight check tasks for MetaDeploy.

  • Fixed path handling in the update_admin_profile task when run in a cross-project flow.

3.1.0 (2019-11-01)#

Breaking changes:

  • The metadeploy_publish task now requires setting -o publish True in order to automatically set the Version’s is_listed flag to True. (This is backwards incompatible in order to provide a safer default.)

New features:

  • Python 3.8 is now officially supported.

  • Flows can now include tasks or flows from a different project. See Using Tasks and Flows from a Different Project for details.

  • In the metadeploy_publish task it is now possible to specify a commit hash with -o commit [sha], instead of a tag. This is useful while MetaDeploy plans are in development.

  • Bulk data:

    • Added support for mapping Record Types between orgs (by Developer Name) during bulk data extract and load.

    • Added support for Record Type mapping in the generate_dataset_mapping task.

    • Added new documentation for bulk data tasks.

  • Robot Framework:

    • The sample create_contact.robot test that is created when initializing a new project with cci project init now makes use of page objects.

    • The page objects library has two new keywords, wait for modal and wait for page object, which wait for a new page object to appear.

    • cumulusci.robotframework.utils now has a decorator named capture_screenshot_on_error which can be used to automatically capture a screenshot when a keyword fails.

    • Prior to this change, Go to page Detail Contact required you to use a keyword argument for the object id (eg: Go to page Detail Contact object_id=${object_id}). You can now specify the object id as a positional parameter (eg: Go to page Detail Contact ${object_id}).

  • OrgConfig objects now have a latest_api_version property which can be used to check what Salesforce API version is available.

Issues closed:

  • Updated the scratch org definition files generated by cci project init to the new recommended format for org settings. Thanks to @umeditor for the fix.

  • The create_unmanaged_ee_src task (part of the unmanaged_ee flow) has been revised to remove the Protected setting on Custom Objects, to ensure that projects using this setting can be deployed to an Enterprise Edition org.

  • The Salesforce REST API client used by many tasks will now automatically retry requests on certain connection and HTTP errors.

  • Fixed an issue where posts to the Metadata API could reuse an existing connection and get a connection reset error if Salesforce had closed the connection.

  • Disabled use of PyOpenSSL by the Python requests library, since it is no longer needed in the versions of Python we support.

3.0.2 (2019-10-17)#

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a bug in deploying email templates and dashboards that was introduced in 3.0.1.

  • Removed broken config_qa flow from the cci project init template.

3.0.1 (2019-10-16)#

New features:

  • Added support for new metadata types when generating package.xml from a directory of metadata using the update_package_xml task.

  • The ci_feature flow now supports generating change notes for a parent feature branch’s pull request from the notes on child pull requests. The parent pull request description will be overwritten with the new notes after a child branch is merged to the parent if the parent pull request has a special label, Build Change Notes.

  • When running Apex tests with the run_tasks task, if there is a single remaining class being run, its name will be logged.

  • Apex test failures that happen while uploading a package are now logged.

  • In the robot_libdoc task, wildcards can now be used in the path option.

  • Added an org_settings task which can deploy scratch org settings from a scratch org definition file.

Issues closed:

  • Added a workaround for an issue where refreshing the access token for a sandbox or scratch org could fail if the user’s credentials were new and not fully propagated.

3.0.0 (2019-09-30)#

Breaking change:

  • CumulusCI 3.0.0 removes support for Python 2 (which will reach end of life at the end of 2019). If you’re still running Python 2 you can use an older version of CumulusCI, but we recommend upgrading to Python 3. See our installation instructions for your platform.

2.5.9 (2019-09-26)#

New features:

  • Added a Domain column to the list of scratch orgs in cci org list. (thanks @bethbrains)

  • Tasks related to Salesforce Communities (thanks @MatthewBlanski)

    : - New list_community_templates task - New list_communities task - New publish_community task - The create_community task can now be used to create a community with no URL prefix, as long as one does not already exist.

  • Robot Framework:

    : -

        Added keywords for generating a collection of sObjects according to a template:
        :   -   `Generate Test Data`
            -   `Salesforce Collection Insert`
            -   `Salesforce Collection Update`
        Changes to Page Objects:
        :   -   More than one page object can be loaded at once.
                Once loaded, the keywords of a page object remain
                visible in the suite. Robot will give priority to
                keywords in the reverse order in which they were
            -   There is a new keyword, `Log Current Page Object`,
                which can be useful to see information about the
                most recently loaded page object.
            -   There is a new keyword, `Get Page Object`, which
                will return the robot library for a given page
                object. This can be used in other keywords to access
                keywords from another page object if necessary.
            -   The `Go To Page` keyword will now automatically load
                the page object for the given page.
    -   Added a basic debugger for Robot tests. It can be enabled
        using the `-o debug True` option to the robot task.
  • Added support for deploying new metadata types ProfilePasswordPolicy and ProfileSessionSetting.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a bug where the batch_apex_wait task would sometimes fail to conclude that the batch was complete.

  • Fixed a bug in rendering tables in Python 2.

2.5.8 (2019-09-13)#

New features:

  • LoadData now supports the key action: update to perform a Bulk API update job

  • LoadData now supports an after: <step name> on a lookup entry to defer updating that lookup until a dependent sObject step is completed.

  • GenerateMapping now handles self-lookups and reference cycles by generating after: markers wherever needed.

Issues closed:

  • Patch selenium to convert executeScript to executeAsyncScript. This is a workaround for the executeScript issue in chromedriver 77.

  • A small issue in QueryData affecting mappings using oid_as_pk: False has been fixed.

2.5.7 (2019-09-03)#

Breaking changes:

  • The retries, retry_interval, and retry_interval_add options have been removed from the run_tests task. These were misleading as they did not actually retry failing tests.

New features:

  • The run_tests task now supports a retry_failures parameter. This is a list of regular expressions to match against each unit test failure’s message and stack trace; if all failing tests match, the failing tests will be retried serially. Set retry_always to True to trigger this behavior when any failure matches.

  • There is now a default CumulusCI global connected app that can be used to connect to persistent orgs (assuming you know the credentials) without creating a new connected app. It’s still possible to configure a custom connected app using cci service connect connected_app if more control over the connected app settings is needed.

  • When CumulusCI is being run in a non-interactive context it can now obtain an access token for a persistent org using a JWT instead of a refresh token. This approach is used if the SFDX_CLIENT_ID and SFDX_HUB_KEY environment variables are set. This makes it easier to manage persistent org connections in the context of a hosted service because it’s possible to replace the connected app’s certificate without needing to obtain new refresh tokens for each org.

Issues closed:

  • Fixed a bug where showing the summary of flow steps would break with sub-steps in MetaDeploy.

  • Fixed a bug in the caching of preflight task results in MetaDeploy.

2.5.6 (2019-08-15)#

New features:

  • We’ve changed how the output of some commands are displayed in tables. For users that prefer simpler style tables we’ve added a --plain option to approximate the previous behavior. To permanently set this option, add this in ~/.cumulusci/cumulusci.yml:

        plain_output: True
  • Added additional info to the cci version command, including the Python version, an upgrade check, and a warning on Python 2.

  • Improved the summary of flow steps that is shown at the start of running a flow.

  • The github_release_notes task now has an include_empty option to include links to pull requests that have no release notes. This is enabled by default when this task is called as part of the release_beta flow.

  • Robot Framework:

    • Added locators file to support the Winter ‘20 release of Salesforce.

    • New robot_lint task to check for common problems in Robot Framework test suites.

    • The Open Test Browser keyword will now log details about the browser.

    • Added a new keyword to the CumulusCI library, Get Community Info. It can be used to get information about a Community by name via the Salesforce API.

Issues closed:

  • Added workarounds for some intermittent 401 errors when authenticating to the GitHub API as a GitHub App.

  • cci org info shouldn’t show traceback if the org isn’t found (#1023)

2.5.5 (2019-07-31)#

New features:

  • Add the cci org shell command, which opens a Python shell pre-populated with a simple_salesforce session on the selected org (as sf).

  • The cci flow info command now shows nested subflows.

  • Added the create_community task allowing for API-based Community creation.

  • Added the generate_dataset_mapping task to generate a Bulk Data mapping file for a package.

  • CumulusCI can now authenticate for GitHub API calls as either a user or an app. The latter is for use when CumulusCI is used as part of a hosted service.

  • The OrgConfig object now provides access to the Organization SObject data via the organization_sobject attribute.

Issues closed:

  • The install_regression flow now upgrades to the latest beta from the most recent final release instead of from the previous final release.

  • Made sure that an errorMessage returned from a metadata API deploy will be reported.

  • The load_dataset task will now stop with an exception if any records fail during the load operation.

2.5.4 (2019-07-03)#

  • Updated the default API version for new projects to 46.0

  • Fixed a bug in reporting scratch org creation errors encountered while running a flow.

  • Fixed the snapshot_changes and list_changes tasks to avoid breaking when the last revision number of a component is null.

2.5.3 (2019-06-24)#

Breaking changes:

  • Added two new options to the UpdateDependencies task:

    • allow_newer: If the org already has a newer release, use it. Defaults to True.

    • allow_uninstalls: Allow uninstalling a beta release or newer final release if needed in order to install the requested version. Defaults to False.

    These defaults are a change from prior behavior since uninstalling packages is not commonly needed when working with scratch orgs, and it is potentially destructive.

New features:

  • Added support for defining and evaluating preflight checks for MetaDeploy plans.

  • The tasks for bulk data extract and load are now configured by default as extract_data and load_data.

  • Updated the project template created by cci project init:

    • Added .gitignore, README.md, and a template for GitHub pull requests

    • Added an option to store metadata in DX source format

    • Added a sample mapping.yml for the bulk data tasks

    • Specify the currently installed CumulusCI version as the project’s minimum_cumulusci_version

    • Check to make sure the project name only contains supported characters

  • The robot_libdoc task can now generate documentation for Robot Framework page objects.

Issues fixed:

  • Colors in terminal output are now displayed correctly in Windows. (#813)

  • cci no longer prints tracebacks when a flow or task is not found. Additionally, it will suggest a name if a close enough match can be found. (#960)

  • Fixed UnicodeDecodeError when reading output from subprocesses if the console encoding is different from Python’s preferred file encoding.

  • Fixes related to source tracking:

    • Track the max revision retrieved for each component instead of the overall max revision. This way components can be retrieved in stages into different paths.

    • If snapshot_changes doesn’t find any changes, wait 5 seconds and try again. There can be a delay after a deployment before source tracking is updated.

2.5.2 (2019-06-10)#

Issues fixed:

  • When generating package.xml, translate ___NAMESPACE___ tokens in filenames into %%%NAMESPACE%%% tokens in package.xml (#1104).

  • Avoid extraneous output when --json output was requested (#1103).

  • Display OS notification when a task or flow completes even if it failed.

  • Robot Framework: Added logic to retry the initial page load if it is not loading successfully.

  • Internal API change: Errors while processing a response from the Metadata API are now raised as MetadataParseError.

2.5.1 (2019-05-31)#

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed cci service connect when run outside of a directory containing a CumulusCI project.

2.5.0 (2019-05-25)#

Breaking changes:

  • We reorganized the flows for setting up a package for regression testing for better symmetry with other flows. If you were running the install_regression flow before, you now probably want regression_org.

    Details: The install_regression flow now installs the package without configuring it. There is a new config_regression flow to configure the package (it defaults to calling config_managed) and a regression_org flow that includes both install_regression and config_regression.

New features:

  • CumulusCI now has experimental support for deploying projects in DX source format. To enable this, set source_format: sfdx in the project section of cumulusci.yml. CumulusCI will deploy DX-format projects to scratch orgs using sfdx force:source:push and to other orgs using the Metadata API (by converting to metadata source format in a temporary directory).

  • Setting a default org in CumulusCI (using cci org default or the --default flag when creating a scratch org) will now also update the sfdx defaultusername. (#868)

  • When connecting to GitHub using cci service connect github, CumulusCI will now check to make sure the credentials are valid before saving them.

  • Robot Framework:

    • Added a framework for creating “page object” classes to contain keywords related to a particular page or component.

    • The robot task now takes a name option to control the name of the robot suite in output.

    • Updates to the keyword Open Test Browser:

      • It allows you to open more than one browser in a single test case. (#1068)

      • It sets the default size for the browser window to 1280x1024.

      • Added a new keyword argument size to override the default size.

      • Added a new keyword argument alias to let you assign an alias to multiple browser windows.

Issues fixed:

  • Robot Framework: Fixed a bug where the Delete Session Records keyword would skip deleting some records. (#973)

  • If Salesforce returns an error response while refreshing an OAuth token, CumulusCI will now show the response instead of just the HTTP status code.

  • Fixed a bug in reporting errors from the Metadata API if the response contains componentFailures with no problem or problemType.

2.4.4 (2019-05-09)#

New features:

  • Added tasks list_changes and retrieve_changes which interact with source tracking in scratch orgs to handle retrieving changed metadata as Metadata API format source.

  • Added task EnsureRecordTypes to generate a Record Type and optional Business Process for a specific sObject and deploy the metadata, if the object does not already have Record Types.

  • The update_admin_profile task now uses Python string formatting on the package.xml file used for retrieve. This allows injection of namespace prefixes using {managed} and {namespaced_org}.

Issues fixed:

  • If CumulusCI gets a connection error while trying to call the Salesforce Metadata API, it will now retry several times before giving up.

  • The GitHub release notes parser now recognizes Issues Closed if they are linked in Markdown format.

  • Robot Framework: Fixed a locator used by the Select App Launcher App keyword to work in Summer ‘19.

  • The cci project init command now uses an updated repository URL when extending EDA.

2.4.3 (2019-04-26)#

  • Allow configuration of the email address assigned to scratch org users, with the order of priority being (1) any adminEmail key in the scratch org definition; (2) the email_address property on the scratch org configuration in cumulusci.yml; (3) the user.email configuration property in Git.

  • CumulusCI can now handle building static resource bundles (*.resource) while deploying using the Metadata API. To use this option, specify the static_resource_path option for the deploy task. Any subdirectory in this path will be turned into a resource file and added to the package during deployment. There must be a corresponding *.resource-meta.xml file for each static resource bundle.

  • Bulk data tasks: Fixed a bug that added extra underscores to field names when processing lookups.

  • Robot Framework: The Salesforce library now has the ability to switch between different sets of locators based on the Salesforce version, and thanks to it we’ve fixed the robot so it can click on modal buttons in the Summer ‘19 release.

  • The cci project init command now generates projects with a different preferred structure for Robot Framework tests and resources, with everything inside the robot directory. Existing projects with tests in the tests directory should continue to work.

2.4.2 (2019-04-22)#

  • The purgeOnDelete flag for the deploy task will now automatically be set to false when deploying metadata to production orgs (previously deployment would fail on production orgs if this flag was true).

  • The installation documentation now recommends using pipx to install CumulusCI on Windows, so that you don’t have to set up a virtualenv manually.

2.4.1 (2019-04-09)#


  • Updated the default Salesforce Metadata API version to 45.0

  • The scratch org definition files generated by cci project init now use orgPreferenceSettings instead of the deprecated orgPreferences.

  • The metadeploy_publish task now defaults to describing tasks based on Deploy as “metadata” steps instead of “other”.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed a couple problems with generating passwords for new scratch orgs:

    • A project’s predefined scratch org configs now default to set_password: True (which was already the case for orgs created explicitly using cci org scratch).

    • A scratch org config’s set_password flag is now retained when recreating an expired org. (Fixes ##670)

  • Fixed the logic for finding the most recent GitHub release so that it now only considers tags that start with the project’s git prefix_release.

  • Fixed the install_prod_no_config flow. The deploy_post task was not injecting namespace tokens correctly.

  • Fixed the connected_app task to work with version 7 of the sfdx CLI. (Fixes ##1013)

  • Robot Framework: Fixed the Populate Field keyword to work around intermittent problems clearing existing field values.

2.4.0 (2019-03-18)#

Critical changes:

  • If you are publishing installation plans to MetaDeploy, there have been some significant changes:

    • Plan options are now read from a new plans section of cumulusci.yml instead of from task options. This means that a single run of the task can now handle publishing multiple plans, and there is now a generic metadeploy_publish task which can be used instead of setting up different tasks for each project.

    • Plan steps are now defined inline in the plan configuration rather than by naming a flow. This makes it easier to configure a plan that is like an existing flow with one or two adjustments.

    • There is now a way to customize MetaDeploy step settings such as name and is_required on a step-by-step basis, using ui_options in the plan config.

    • The task will now find or create a PlanTemplate as necessary, matching existing PlanTemplates on the product and plan name. This means the plan config no longer needs to reference a plan template by id, which makes it easier to publish to multiple instances of MetaDeploy.

  • The install_upgrade flow was renamed to install_regression to better reflect the use case it is focused on. There are also a few updates to what it does:

    • It will now install the latest beta release of managed packages instead of the latest final release.

    • It now runs the config_managed flow after upgrading the managed package, so that it will work if this flow has references to newly added components.


  • Added support for deploying Lightning Web Components.

  • Fixed the bulk data load task to handle null values in a datetime column.

  • The ci_master flow now explicitly avoids trying to install beta releases of dependencies (since it’s meant for use with non-scratch orgs and we block installing betas there since they can’t be upgraded).

2.3.4 (2019-03-06)#

  • Added a new flow, install_upgrade, which can be used for testing package upgrades. It installs and configures the previous release of the package, then installs the latest release.

  • Fixed an error when using cci org info --json (fixes ##1013).

2.3.3 (2019-02-28)#

  • Fixed a bug where flow options specified on the command line were not passed to tasks correctly.

  • cci service connect now shows a more helpful error message if you call it with a service name that CumulusCI doesn’t know about. Fixes ##752.

  • Deleted scratch orgs will no longer show the number of days since they were created in cci org list. Thanks to @21aslade for the fix.

  • Updates to the MetaDeploy publish task:

    • It is now possible to publish a new plan for an existing version.

    • It is now possible to specify the AllowedList to which a plan is visible.

  • Updates to Robot Framework support:

    • Fixed a bug in the robot task: it now accepts an option called test rather than tests, since the latter was ignored by Robot Framework.

    • Fixed some stability problems with the Populate Field keyword.

    • The robot_libdoc task has been replaced with a new task of the same name that can generate a single HTML document for multiple keyword files by passing a comma-separated list of files to the path option.

2.3.2 (2019-02-19)#

  • Mapping enhancements for bulk QueryData and LoadData tasks

    • The mapping yaml file no longer requires using Id: sf_id as a field mapping. If not provided, QueryData and LoadData will use local database ids instead of Saleforce OIDs for storing lookup relationships. Previous mappings which specify the Id: sf_id mapping will continue to work as before using the Salesforce OID as the mapping value.

    • The mapping yaml file’s lookups: section now handles defaults to allow simpler lookup mappings. The only key required is now table. If the key_field is provided it will be used.

  • The sql_path option on QueryData can be used to provide the file path where a SQL script should be written. If this option is used, a sqlite in-memory database is used and discarded. This is useful for storing data sets in a Github repository and allowing diffs of the dataset to be visible when reviewing Pull Requests

    • When using this option, it is best to make sure your mapping yaml file does not provide a field mapping for the Id field. This will help avoid merge conflicts if querying data from different orgs such as scratch orgs.

  • The [sql_path]{.title-ref} option on LoadData can be used to provide the file path where a SQL script file should be read and used to load an in-memory sqlite database for the load operation.

2.3.1 (2019-02-15)#

  • Fixed a bug that caused the cci command to check for a newer version on every run, rather than occasionally. Also we now detect whether CumulusCI was installed using Homebrew and recommend an upgrade command accordingly.

  • CumulusCI now automatically generates its own keychain key and stores it in the system keychain (using the Python [keyring]{.title-ref} library). This means that it is no longer necessary to specify a CUMULUSCI_KEY as an environment variable. (However, the environment variable will still be preferred if it is there, and it will be migrated to the system keychain.)

  • New task connected_app makes it easier to deploy and configure the Connected App needed for CumulusCI’s keychain to work with persistent orgs. The connected app is deployed using sfdx to an org in the sfdx keychain and defaults to the defaultdevhubusername.

  • The robot task gives a more helpful error message if you forget to specify an org.

  • Updates to the task for publishing to MetaDeploy:

    • Dependency installation steps are now named using the package name and version.

    • The task options have been revised to match changes in the MetaDeploy API. An optional plan_template_id is now accepted. preflight_message is now named preflight_message_additional and is optional. post_install_message is now named post_install_message_additional and is optional.

2.3.0 (2019-02-04)#


  • When installing a managed package dependency, pre & post metadata bundles are now fetched from the git commit corresponding to the most recent release of the managed package, instead of master.

  • Improvements to the task for publishing a release to MetaDeploy:

    • It can now publish a tag even if it’s a different commit than what is currently checked out in the working directory.

    • It now pins managed deployments of metadata bundles to the git commit corresponding to the most recent release of the managed package.

Issues Closed:

  • ##962: cumulusci.utils.findReplace uses wrong file encoding in Python 3

  • ##967: Allow cci service commands to be run from outside a project repository

2.3.0b1 (2019-01-28)#

Breaking Changes:

  • We refactored the code for running flows. The full list of steps to run is now calculated from nested flow configuration when the flow is initialized instead of during runtime. Your existing flows should continue to run as before, but if you’re interacting with CumulusCI at the Python API level, you’ll need to use the FlowCoordinator instead of BaseFlow.

  • Tasks are now expected to have no side effects when they are instantiated. If tasks need to set up resources, do that in _init_task instead of __init__ or _init_options to make sure it doesn’t happen until the task is actually being run.


  • There is now a dev_org_beta_deps flow which sets up an org in the same way as dev_org, but installs the latest beta versions of managed package dependencies.

  • The github_release task now records the release dependencies as JSON in the release’s tag message.

  • Looking up the latest release from GitHub is now done using a single HTTP request rather than listing all releases.

  • We added S-Controls to the list of metadata types that the uninstall_packaged_incremental task will delete.

  • Salesforce Robot Framework library: The Get Current Record Id keyword now parses the Id correctly when prefixed with %2F, which apparently happens.

  • The push_failure_report task now avoids an error when querying for info about lots of subscriber orgs.

Issues Closed:

  • ##911: Fix UnicodeDecodeError when parsing XML retrieved from the Metadata API.

2.2.6 (2019-01-03)#


  • Added support for more metadata types: Group, SharingSet, SharingCriteriaRule, SharingOwnerRule, and SharingTerritoryRule.

  • Release process: We now have tools in place to release cumulusci so that it can be installed using Homebrew or Linuxbrew.

Issues Closed:

  • Fixed an issue where tasks using the Salesforce REST API could build a wrong URL with an extra slash after the instance URL.

  • Fixed an issue where overriding a flow step to set flow: None did not work.

  • Robot Framework: Added an automatic retry to work around an issue with an intermittent ConnectionResetError when connecting to headless Chrome in Python 3.

2.2.5 (2018-12-26)#

  • The install_managed and install_managed_beta tasks now take optional activateRSS and password options. activateRSS is set to true by default so that any active Remote Site Settings in the package will remain active when installed.

  • When running a task with the --debug flag, HTTP requests are now logged.

  • Robot Framework:

    • Fix issue where “Get Current Record Id” could accidentally match the object name instead of the record Id.

    • Fix issue where “Load Related List” would fail to scroll down to the list.

    • Fix issue where errors deleting records during test teardown would cause a hidden test failure.

2.2.4 (2018-12-17)#


  • Bulk query task:

    • Fixed an issue with querying data filtered by record type (#904).

    • Fixed an issue where the optimized approach for loading data into PostgreSQL was not used.

    • The task will now prevent you from accidentally overwriting existing data by exiting with an error if the table already exists.

  • The deploy task now logs the size of the zip payload in bytes.

  • Fixed a TypeError in the commit_apex_docs task (#901).

  • Robot Framework:

    • Add location strategies for locating elements by text and by title.

2.2.3 (2018-12-07)#


  • Improved error messages when scratch org creation failed and when a service is not configured.

  • Robot Framework: Limit how long the “Load Related List” keyword will wait.

2.2.2 (2018-11-27)#


  • Improved error handling during scratch org creation:

    • Capture and display stderr output from SFDX (issue ##413).

    • Avoid infinite recursion if username wasn’t found in output from SFDX.

  • Robot Framework: Increased the timeout for initial loading of the browser.

2.2.1 (2018-11-21)#

Oops, an update in CumulusCI 2.2.0 ended up breaking the update_dependencies task! Now fixed.

2.2.0 (2018-11-21)#


  • Tasks can now be placed in groups for the task list! Just specify a group when defining the task in YAML.

  • By popular request, there is now an org import command to import an org from the SFDX keychain to the CumulusCI keychain. It takes two arguments: the SFDX username or alias, and the org name.

  • Robot Framework:

    • The Populate Field keyword now clears an existing value using keystrokes to make sure that change events are fired.

    • Added a Get Namespace Prefix keyword to the CumulusCI library to get the namespace prefix for a package.

    • Fixed a bug that broke opening a browser after using the Run Task keyword.

  • Documentation updates:

    • The readme now includes a link to the full documentation.

    • The instructions for installing CumulusCI on macOS have been simplified and now recommend using the official Python installer from python.org instead of Homebrew. (Homebrew should still work fine, but is no longer necessary.) We also now suggest creating a virtualenv using venv rather than pyenv since the former is included with Python. It’s fine to continue using pyenv if you want.

    • Give more useful links for how to set up SFDX.

    • Updated robot library docs.

  • Internal refactoring:

    • Removed dependency on HiYaPyCo for YAML loading, which would not report which file failed to load in the event of a YAML parse error.

    • We now consistently load YAML in the same manner throughout the entire library, which will work with all supported Python versions.

    • Simplified the Python API for setting up a CumulusCI runtime. Begone, YamlGlobalConfig and YamlProjectConfig. Our Python API is not yet documented, but we’re working on it. In the meantime, if you were relying on running CCI from within Python, you can now just use BaseGlobalConfig (and its get_project_config member) to bootstrap CCI.

    • BaseProjectConfig has shrugged off some methods that just delegated to the keychain.

    • BaseGlobalConfig has shrugged off some unimplemented methods, and BaseGlobalConfig.get_project_config is now deprecated in favor of using a runtime.

    • Introducing… 🥁CumulusCIRuntime! In order to alleviate the complexities of getting CumulusCI tasks/flows running from within a Python application, CumulusCIRuntime encapsulates a lot of the details and wiring between Keychain, GlobalConfig, and ProjectConfig. Usage docs are barely included.

    • CliConfig has been renamed to CliRuntime and now inherits from CumulusCIRuntime. It is still accessible as CliConfig.

    • Upgraded dependencies.

  • Contributor improvement: The contributor docs now explain how to install pre-commit hooks to make sure our linters have run before you commit.

Issues Closed:

  • ##674: cci org import <username> <org_name>

  • ##877: CumulusCI should be able to connect to any DX alias and/or understand dx auth files

2.1.2 (2018-10-29)#

Oops, we broke a few things! This is a bugfix release to fix a few issues found during the Salesforce.org Open Source Community Sprint last week.

Issues Closed:

  • ##858 Dataload bulk query fails to load data into the sqlite db

  • ##862 CLI options fail on robot task in 2.1.1

  • ##864 Deploying a -meta.xml file with non-ASCII characters breaks in Python 2

2.1.1 (2018-10-23)#


  • Our robotframework library for Salesforce got a number of improvements:

    • New keywords:

      • Click Header Field Link: Clicks a link in a record header

      • Load Related List: Scrolls to a related list and waits for it to load

      • Click Related List Button: Clicks a button in the header of a related list

      • Click Related Item Link: Clicks the main link for an item in a related list

      • Click Related Item Popup Link: Clicks a link in the popup menu for an item in a related list

    • Updated to robotframework-seleniumlibrary 3.2.0 which includes a Scroll Element Into View keyword.

    • Wait Until Loading Is Complete now waits for the main body of the page to render

    • Populate Lookup Field now tries several times in case there’s an indexing delay

    • Added a -o verbose True option to the robot task which logs each keyword as it runs.

    • We now ignore errors while running the script that waits for XHRs to complete (it can fail if the page reloads before the script finishes).

  • Popup notifications upon completion of a flow or task now work on Linux too, if you have the notify-send command from libnotify. On Ubuntu, install the notify-osd package.

Issues Closed:

  • ##827 Bulk data load breaks in Python 2

  • ##832 pip install cumulusci gets the wrong version of urllib3

2.1.1b1 (2018-10-17)#

  • uninstall_packaged_incremental task: Added ignore option to specify components to skip trying to delete even if they are present in the org but not in the local source.

2.1.0 (2018-10-16)#

  • Fixed the cci project init command, which was failing because it wanted the project to already exist! Fixes ##816. In addition, other commands will now function without an active project or keychain when it possible to do so. (For example, try cci version which now works when you’re not in a project directory.)

  • update_dependencies task:

    : - Added support for installing private github repositories as dependencies. Thanks to Anthony Backhouse (@1handclapping) for the patch. Fixes ##793 - Added a dependencies option to override the project dependencies.

  • execute_apex task:

    : - Print more useful error messages when there are Apex exceptions.

  • robot task:

    : - Our logic for automatically retrying failed selenium commands has been encapsulated into the cumulusci.robotframework.utils.selenium_retry decorator which can be applied to a robot library class for increased stability. - There is now an option to pause and enter the Python debugger after a keyword fails. Run with -o pdb True. - Revised keywords and locators to support the Winter ‘19 release of Salesforce and improve stability. - The Salesforce.robot file now includes the OperatingSystem and XML libraries from Robot Framework by default. These libraries are helpful in building integration tests such as modifying and deploying a PageLayout to include a field needed in Suite Setup of an integration test.

  • Revised installation instructions for Windows. Thanks Matthew Blanski (@Auchtor).

  • Internal change: Use a thread-local variable instead of a global to track the current running task.

2.1.0b1 (2018-10-05)#

  • It’s happening! Hot on the heels of the last release, CumulusCI is making the jump to the modern era by adding support for Python 3! (Specifically, Python 3.6 and 3.7.) Don’t worry, we’ll also continue to support Python 2 for the time being. Because this is a bit more wide-reaching change than normal, we’re releasing a beta first. To install the beta you’ll need to explicitly request its version: pip install cumulusci==2.1.0b1. If you already have CumulusCI, after the update it will continue to run under your Python 2 interpreter. If you want to switch to the Python 3 interpreter (which is not yet required), we recommend deleting your Python virtualenv and starting over with the instructions in the tutorial. If you want to keep your Python 2-based virtualenv around just in case, follow those instructions but name the new virtualenv cci-py3 instead of cci.

  • There are also some big changes to the bulk data tasks. Did you know CumulusCI has bulk data tasks? They are not configured by default, because we need to finish documenting them. But we’ll list the changes in case someone is already relying on them:

    • Fixed connection resets by downloading an entire result file before processing.

    • Improved performance by processing batches in parallel, avoiding the SQLAlchemy ORM, storing inserted Ids in separate tables, and doing lookups using SQL joins rather than a separate query for each row.

    • If you’re using a postgres database for local storage, performance gets even better by taking advantage of postgres’ COPY command to load CSV directly.

    • Added a hardDelete option for bulk deletes.

    • Added a start_step option for bulk loads which can be used to resume loading after an error.

  • The push_failure_report task will now by default hide failures that occurred due to the “Package Uninstalled” or “Salesforce Subscription Expired” errors, which are generally benign.

  • Fixed the check for newer CumulusCI versions to work around an issue with old setuptools.

  • Contributor change: We switched CumulusCI’s own tests to run using pytest.

  • Internal change: We switched to the cryptography library for handling keychain encryption.

2.0.13 (2018-10-02)#

  • Happy Spooky October! It’s unlucky release 2.0.13, with some scary-cool improvements. Just to show you how ramped up our RelEng team is now, this release had TWENTY THREE pull requests in 12 days! From all four of your friendly SFDO Release Engineering committers. Thanks so much for continuing to use CCI for all your Salesforce automation needs.

  • NEW FLOW: ci_beta_dependencies installs the latest beta of project dependencies and run tests. Includes task error when running against non-scratch orgs.

  • NEW TASK: ReportPushFailures pulls a list of Package Push Upgrade Request failures after a push attempt, including grouping by important factors.

  • Issue a terminal “Bell” sound and attempt to display a macOS notification when a commandline task or flow completes.

  • Cleaned up python exception and error handling across the board, so that we can provide you, the user, with only the most relevant information. Try using CCI without setting your CUMULUSCI_KEY and see a simplified error message.

  • Fixed the utils for processing namespaces in package zip files to handle non-ASCII characters

  • The CONTRIBUTING.rst docs and Makefile have been updated to show how we release updates of CCI.

  • Skip beta releases when checking for a newer cumulusci version

  • When using the strip_namespace option on deployments, we now log which files had changes made before deploying.

  • Going Out: the SFDXDeploy and SFDXJsonPollingTasks have been removed, as they didn’t work.

  • Going Out: Use the safe_load() method when loading YAML instead of the naive load(). If you relied on executing code in your CCI YAML file parsing, that will no longer work.

2.0.12 (2018-09-20)#

  • Fixed apexdoc URL

  • Fixed update_admin_profile to set any existing record type defaults to false before setting new defaults.

  • Fixed deployment of -meta.xml files containing non-ASCII characters.

  • Updated the robot selector for “Click Modal Button” to work for modals opened by a Quick Action.

2.0.11 (2018-09-14)#

  • update_admin_profile now uses xml parsing instead of string replacement for more targeted editing of Admin.profile to fix issues with deploying record types via dependencies

  • Projects can declare a dependency on a minimum version of cumulusci by specifying [minimum_cumulusci_version]{.title-ref} in cumulusci.yml

2.0.10 (2018-09-13)#

  • update_admin_profile task now sets application and tab visibility and supports setting record type visibility and default via the new record-types task option

  • Restructured exceptions to include two new parent exceptions useful in client implementations:

    • CumulusCIFailure: Used to signify a failure rather than an error, such as test or metadata deployment failures

    • CumulusCIUsageError: Use to signify a usage error such as accessing a task that does not exist

  • execute_anon task now accepts either [apex]{.title-ref} (string) or [path]{.title-ref} (Apex in a local file) for the Apex to execute. Also, the [managed]{.title-ref} and [namespaced]{.title-ref} options allow injecting namespace prefixes into the Apex to be executed.

  • New flow [retrieve_scratch]{.title-ref} can be used to retrieve declarative changes from a scratch org into the src/ directory

2.0.9 (2018-09-10)#

  • Make robot commands use new lightning URLs

  • Remove unused filter_name arg from Go to Record Home robot keyword.

  • Fix metadata map for Settings.

2.0.8 (2018-08-21)#

  • Flows that are executed from within another flow now support task-level control flow.

  • We no longer support the undocumented ability for a Flow to provide its own class_path.

  • Use the connected app details to set a client name on HTTP requests to Salesforce.

2.0.7 (2018-08-16)#

  • [cci service show]{.title-ref} has been renamed [cci service info]{.title-ref}!

  • Update default API version in the base YAML to v43.0.

  • Doc updates in the tutorial, thanks to @justindonnaruma!

  • Significant refactor of the cli module, including a bunch of small usability and exception handling changes. See https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/708 for details.

  • Display the file name for error causing files in more cases.

  • Strip packageVersions tags from aura/, components/, and pages/ metadata.

  • Update PyYAML dependency.

2.0.6 (2018-08-07)#

  • In Robot tests that use the standard keyword for interacting with a lookup field, we now wait for all AJAX requests to complete before submitting.

  • Add unit tests for large sections of the library.

  • We now support Flow, DuplicateRule, and other new Metadata types thanks to @carlosvl.

  • Fixed refreshing oauth token when deploying metadata to persistent orgs.

2.0.5 (2018-08-01)#

  • Fixes ##695: Update InstallPackageZipBuilder to set activateRSS to unblock installs.

2.0.4 (2018-07-30)#

  • Fixes ##611: Scratch org operations were failing on Windows

  • Fixes ##664: Scratch org aliases incorrectly included double quotes in the alias name

2.0.3 (2018-07-27)#

2.0.2 (2018-06-06)#

  • Bugfix: Update InstallPackageZipBuilder to use a recent api version to unblock installs.

2.0.1 (2018-06-06)#

  • Bugfix: Allow passing a connected app directly to OrgConfig.refresh_oauth_token.

2.0.0 (2018-06-01)#

After over 19 months of development as alpha (40 version over 3 months) and beta (98 releases over 16 months) releases and over a year running production builds using CumulusCI, it’s time to remove the “beta” label.

This marks the first production release of CumulusCI 2.x!

2.0.0-beta99 (2018-05-31)#

  • Ensure that github credentials are never shown in the log for github dependencies with unmanaged metadata

2.0.0-beta98 (2018-05-31)#

WARNING: This release introduces breaking changes to the syntax for flow definitions and to the default flows. If you customized any of the default flows in your project or have defined custom flows, you will need to modify your cumulusci.yml file to work with this release.

Changes default flows shipped with CumulusCI to a new syntax and structure taking advantage of the ability for flows to call other flows. This allows flows to be modularized in ways that weren’t possible when the original set of flows was designed.

  • The tasks: section in cumulusci.yml for a flow is now renamed to steps: A FlowConfigError will be raised if an old style flow definition is detected. All existing flow customizations and custom flows need to be changed in the cumulusci.yml to avoid raising an exception.

  • All default flows have been restructured. Existing customizations of default flows likely need to be changed to adapt to the new structure. In most cases, you will want to move your customizations to some of the new config_* or deploy_* instead of the main flows.

  • ci_beta_install has been removed and replaced with install_beta and uninstall_managed install_beta does not attempt to uninstall an existing version of the package. If you need to uninstall the package first, use the uninstall_managed flow before running install_beta

  • Added new qa_org flow to allow different configurations for dev vs QA orgs

  • New modularized flows structure allows for easier and more reusable customization:

    • dependencies Runs the pre-package deployment dependency tasks update_dependencies and deploy_pre This flow is called by almost all the main flows.

    • config_* flows provide a place to customize the package configuration for different environments. These flows are called by the main flows after the package metadata is deployed or a managed version is installed. Customizations to the config flows automatically apply to the main flows.

      • config_apextest Configure org for running apex tests

      • config_dev Configure org for dev use

      • config_managed Configure org with a managed package version installed

      • config_packaging Configure the packaging org

      • config_qa Configure org for QA use

    • deploy_* flows provide a place to customize how metadata deployments are done. The deploy flows do more than just a simple deployment such as unscheduling scheduled jobs, rebuilding the package.xml, and incrementally deleting any stale metadata in the package from the org.

      • deploy_unmanaged Used to do a standard deployment of the unmanaged metadata

      • deploy_packaging Used to deploy to packaging. Wraps the create_managed_src task around the deploy to inject metadata that can only be deployed to the packaging org

      • deploy_unmanaged_ee Used to deploy unmanaged metadata to an Enterprise Edition org using the create_unmanaged_ee_src task

  • github dependencies can now point to a private Github repository. All zip downloads from Github will pass the password (should be a personal access token) from the github service configured in the CumulusCI keychain.

  • GithubRelease, PushUpgradeRequest, and PackageUploadRequest now track the release data as return values

2.0.0-beta97 (2018-05-31)#

  • Salesforce Connected App is now a CCI Service! Instead of using [cci org config_connected_app]{.title-ref} you can use the familiar [cci service]{.title-ref} commands.

  • Better error handling when running commands without specifying a default org (thanks @topherlandry)

  • Fix issue where scratch org password may become outdated

  • Improve Robot test runner task to use the already configured CCI environment instead of trying to create a new one.

  • Enable Robot testing in Headless Chrome on Heroku.

  • Address Python3 print statement issues.

  • Add LogLine task class to log statements and variables.

  • Add PassOptionAsResult, PassOptionAsReturnValue to pass options around in Flows.

  • Further extended the Flow runner subclass API.

2.0.0-beta96 (2018-05-18)#

  • Fixes for CumulusCI on Windows - CumulusCI 2 now supports Windows environments!

  • Support skipping scratch org password creation by specifying [–no-password]{.title-ref} to [cci org scratch]{.title-ref}

  • Add additional logging to PackageUpload

2.0.0-beta95 (2018-05-10)#

  • Add pytz to requirements

2.0.0-beta94 (2018-05-10)#

  • Support added for nested flows. Specify a flow instead of a task inside another flow in cumulusci.yml

  • Add new task github_release_report to report info from GitHub release notes

  • Add new flow dev_deploy for minimal deploy (tasks: unschedule_jobs, deploy)

  • Enhance BaseFlow to be more easily subclassed/overridden/observed. Preserves task step number and adds several hook methods for subclasses (_pre_task, _post_task, _post_task_exception)

  • Refactor github_release_notes task to use github3.py instead of calling the GitHub API directly. Includes these minor changes to functionality:

    : - Cannot create release with this task (use github_create_release instead) - Merge existing release notes even when not publishing

  • Fix issue that caused duplicate entries in the dependency tree

  • Sort output of os.listdir in all occurrences. Guarantees ordered iteration over files on disk

  • Validate CUMULUSCI_KEY value and raise more helpful exceptions if invalid

2.0.0-beta93 (2018-04-20)#

  • Fix issue in command task for Windows

  • Support interactive in command task (thanks Chris Landry!)

  • Search more pull requests (100 vs 30) when generating release notes

  • Add options to Apex documentation generator task

2.0.0-beta92 (2018-04-04)#

  • Ignore OWNERS file in package.xml generation

  • Pipe stderr in command tasks

2.0.0-beta91 (2018-04-03)#

  • Fix issue in ZIP functionality for Windows

2.0.0-beta90 (2018-03-26)#

  • Include missing scratch_def.json template file needed by cci project init

2.0.0-beta89 (2018-03-23)#

  • Improved cci project init

    : - Prompt for extending a repository with HEDA and NPSP as selectable options - Use jinja2 templates included with cumulusci to create files - Include a default Robot test

  • update_package_xml now ignores CODEOWNERS files used by Github

  • Fixed an import error for click in cci

2.0.0-beta88 (2018-03-20)#

  • Fix issue in parsing version from tag name

2.0.0-beta87 (2018-03-15)#

  • Fix issue in getting latest version

2.0.0-beta86 (2018-03-13)#

  • Initial Integration with Robot Framework (see here for details: http://cumulusci.readthedocs.io/en/latest/robotframework.html)

  • Add support for GlobalValueSetTranslation Metadata Type (thanks Christian Szandor Knapp!)

  • Use Tooling API for PackageUploadRequest

  • New doc “Why CumulusCI?”

  • Add documentation for the skip option on GitHub dependencies

2.0.0-beta85 (2018-02-21)#

  • Support bigobject index element in .object

  • Only run meta.xml file cleaning on classes/* and triggers/* directory

  • Add docs on CumulusCI Flow

  • Add reference to needing the Push API to run release_beta in tutorial doc

2.0.0-beta84 (2018-02-12)#

  • Add new Status ‘Queued’ to PackageUploadRequest check

2.0.0-beta83 (2018-02-08)#

  • Add a sleep in between successful PackageUploadRequest and querying for MetadataPackageVersion to address issue in Spring ‘18 packaging orgs.

2.0.0-beta82 (2018-02-02)#

  • Update salesforce-bulk package to version 2.0.0

  • Fix issue in bulk load data task

2.0.0-beta81 (2018-01-18)#

  • Filter SObjects by record type in bulk data retrieve

  • Fix issue in removing XML elements from file

2.0.0-beta80 (2018-01-08)#

  • The deploy tasks now automatically clean all meta.xml files in the deployed metadata of any namespace references by removing the <packageVersions> element and children. This allows CumulusCI to fully manage the dependencies and avoids the need for new commits to change referenced versions in meta.xml files.

    : - The default functionality can be disabled with the by setting [clean_meta_xml]{.title-ref} to False

  • Github dependencies can now point to a specific tag in the repository. The tag is used to determine the version to install for the dependency if the repository has a namespace configured and will be used to determine which unpackaged metadata to deploy.

2.0.0-beta79 (2017-11-30)#

  • Fixes ##540: Using a custom [prefix_beta]{.title-ref} fails if releases with the same version but different prefix already exist in the repository. Changed to use [tag_name]{.title-ref} instead of [name]{.title-ref} to check if the release already exists in Github.

2.0.0-beta78 (2017-11-22)#

Resolving a few issues from beta77:

  • A bug in BaseKeychain.create_scratch_org was causing the creation of ScratchOrgConfig’s with a days value of None. This caused issues with subsequent calls against the org.

  • Fixed output from new logging in namespace injection

  • Switch to using org_config.date_created to check if an org has been created

  • Fix bug in recreation of an expired scratch org

2.0.0-beta77 (2017-11-22)#

  • New Salesforce DX tasks: dx_convert_from, dx_convert_to, dx_pull, and dx_push

  • New flow for creating production releases (use with caution!): release_production

  • Scratch org configs can now specify [days]{.title-ref} as an option which defaults to 1. The default for a scratch config can be overridden in [cci org scratch]{.title-ref} with the [–days N]{.title-ref} option

  • [cci org remove]{.title-ref} will now attempt to first delete a scratch org if one was already created

  • [cci org scratch]{.title-ref} will prevent you from overwritting a scratch config that has already created a scratch org (which would create an orphaned scratch org) and direct you to use [cci org remove]{.title-ref} instead.

  • [cci org list]{.title-ref} now shows the duration days, elapsed days, and if an org is expired.

  • [cci org info]{.title-ref} now shows the expiration date for scratch orgs

  • All [cci]{.title-ref} commands that update an org config will now attept to automatically recreate an expired scratch org

  • New namespace inject token strings are supported for injecting namespaces into Lightning Component references:

    • %%%NAMESPACE_OR_C%%%*: Replaced with either ‘your_namespace’ (unmanaged = False) or ‘c’ (unmanaged = True)

    • %%%NAMESPACED_ORG_OR_C%%%*: Replaced with either ‘your_namespace’ (namespaced_org = True) or ‘c’ (namespaced_org = False)

  • Deleted all tasks and code related to [apextestsdb]{.title-ref} since its functionality is now integrated into MetaCI and no longer used

2.0.0-beta76 (2017-11-14)#

  • Fix bug in namespace injection

  • Add option to print org info as JSON

2.0.0-beta75 (2017-11-07)#

  • Fix syntax for github dependency with [–extend]{.title-ref} option on [cci project init]{.title-ref}

2.0.0-beta74 (2017-11-07)#

  • Default to Salesforce API version 41.0

2.0.0-beta73 (2017-11-07)#

  • Fix bug in creating the [dev_namespaced]{.title-ref} scratch org config from [cci project init]{.title-ref}

2.0.0-beta72 (2017-11-06)#

  • Fix bug in setting namespace from [cci project init]{.title-ref}

2.0.0-beta71 (2017-11-06)#

  • Update docs, including tutorial for Windows (thanks Dave Boyce!)

  • Add missing “purge on delete” option for BaseUninstallMetadata

  • Fix crash when decoding certain strings from the Metadata API response

  • Add support for featureParameter* metadata types (thanks Christian Szandor Knapp!)

2.0.0-beta70 (2017-10-30)#

  • Fix issue in zip file processing that was introduced in v2.0.0b69

2.0.0-beta69 (2017-10-27)#

  • cumulusci.core has been made compatible with Python 3!

  • [cci project init]{.title-ref} has been upgraded

    • Better prompt driven user experience with explanations of each prompt

    • [–extend <repo_url>]{.title-ref} option to set up a recursive dependency on another CumulusCI project’s Github repository

    • Creates [sfdx-project.json]{.title-ref} if it doesn’t already exist

    • Creates and populates the [orgs/]{.title-ref} directory if it does not already exist. The directory is populated with starter scratch org shape files for the 4 main scratch org configs in CumulusCI: [beta.json]{.title-ref}, [dev.json]{.title-ref}, [feature.json]{.title-ref}, [release.json]{.title-ref}

  • Fix issue with namespace injection

  • [push_*]{.title-ref} tasks now accept [now]{.title-ref} for the [start_time]{.title-ref} option which will start the push upgrade now (technically 5 seconds from now but that’s better than 5 minutes).

2.0.0-beta68 (2017-10-20)#

  • Configure [namespace_inject]{.title-ref} for [deploy_post_managed]{.title-ref}

2.0.0-beta67 (2017-10-20)#

  • Fix bug where auto-created scratch orgs weren’t getting the [scratch]{.title-ref} attribute set properly on their [ScratchOrgConfig]{.title-ref} instance.

2.0.0-beta66 (2017-10-20)#

  • Configure [namespace_inject]{.title-ref} for deploy_post

  • Fix the [–debug]{.title-ref} flag on [cci task run]{.title-ref} and [cci flow run]{.title-ref} to allow debugging of exceptions which are caught by the CLI such as MetadataApiError, MetadataComponentError, etc.

2.0.0-beta65 (2017-10-18)#

Breaking Changes#

  • If you created custom tasks off of [DeployNamespaced]{.title-ref} or [DeployNamespacedBundles]{.title-ref}, you will need to switch to using [Deploy]{.title-ref} and [DeployBundles]{.title-ref}. The recommended configuration for such custom tasks is represented below. In flows that need to inject the actual namespace prefix, override the [unmanaged]{.title-ref} option .. :

        class_path: cumulusci.tasks.salesforce.Deploy
            path: your/custom/metadata
            namespace_inject: $project_config.project__package__namespace
            unmanaged: False


  • The [cci]{.title-ref} CLI will now check for new versions and print output at the top of the log if a new version is available

  • The [cci]{.title-ref} keychain now automatically creates orgs for all named scratch org configs in the project. The orgs are created with the same name as the config. Out of the box, CumulusCI comes with 4 org configs: [dev]{.title-ref}, [feature]{.title-ref}, [beta]{.title-ref}, and [release]{.title-ref}. You can add additional org configs per project using the [orgs]{.title-ref} -> [scratch]{.title-ref} section of the project’s [cumulusci.yml]{.title-ref}. With this change, [cci org list]{.title-ref} will always show at least 4 orgs for any project. If an org already exists in the keychain, it is not touched and no scratch org config is auto-created for that config. The goal is to eliminate the need to call [cci org scratch]{.title-ref} in most cases and make it easier for new users to get up and running with scratch orgs and CumulusCI.

  • [cci org remove <org_name>]{.title-ref} is now available to remove orgs from the keychain

  • Scratch orgs created by CumulusCI are now aliased using the naming format [ProjectName__org_name]{.title-ref} so you can easily run sfdx commands against scratch orgs created by CumulusCI

  • [cci org list]{.title-ref} now shows more information including [scratch]{.title-ref}, [config_name]{.title-ref}, and [username]{.title-ref}. NOTE: config_name will only be populated for newly created scratch configs. You can use [cci org scratch]{.title-ref} to recreate the config in the keychain.

  • The new flow dev_org_namespaced provides a base flow for deploying unmanaged metadata into a namespaced org such as a namespaced scratch org

  • All tasks which previously supported [namespace_inject]{.title-ref} now support a new option, [namespaced_org]{.title-ref}. This option is designed to handle use cases of namespaced orgs such as a namespaced scratch org. In namespaced orgs, all unmanaged metadata gets the namespace prefix even if it is not included in the package. You can now use the [namespaced_org]{.title-ref} option along with the file content token [%%%NAMESPACED_ORG%%%]{.title-ref} and the file name token [___NAMESPACED_ORG___]{.title-ref} to inject the namespace when deploying to a namespaced org. [namespaced_org]{.title-ref} defaults to False to be backwards compatible with previous functionality.

  • New task push_list supports easily pushing a list of OrgIds via the Push API from the CLI: [cci task run push_list -o file <file_path> -o version 1.2 –org packaging]{.title-ref}

2.0.0-beta64 (2017-09-29)#

  • Show proper exit status for failed tests in heroku_ci.sh

  • Handle BrowserTestFailure in CLI

  • Fix issue that prevented auto-merging master to parent branch

2.0.0-beta63 (2017-09-26)#

  • Documentation has been updated!

  • CumulusCI now supports auto detection of repository information from CI environments. This release includes an implementation for Heroku CI

2.0.0-beta62 (2017-09-19)#

  • cci now supports both namespaced and non-namespaced scratch org configurations in the same project. The default behavior changes slightly with this release. Before, if the [sfdx-project.json]{.title-ref} had a namespace configured, all scratch orgs created via [cci org scratch]{.title-ref} would get the namespace. With the new functionality, all orgs would by default not have the namespace. You can configure individual org configs in your project’s [cumulusci.yml]{.title-ref} file by setting [namespace: True]{.title-ref} under [orgs -> scratch -> <org_name>]{.title-ref}

2.0.0-beta61 (2017-09-12)#

  • Fix bug that was causing a forced token refresh with [sfdx force:org:open]{.title-ref} at the start of a flow or task run against a freshly created scratch org.

  • Add support for Big Objects with [__b]{.title-ref} suffix in update_package_xml and update-package-xml-managed

  • Fix bug that caused release notes sections to not render if only h2 content found

2.0.0-beta60 (2017-09-06)#

2.0.0-beta59 (2017-09-06)#

  • [YamlProjectConfig]{.title-ref} can now accept an [additional_yaml]{.title-ref} keyword argument on initialization. This allows a 5th level of layering to the [cumulusci.yml]{.title-ref} config. This change is not wired up to the CLI yet but is available for application built on top of cumulusci to use.

  • [cumulusci.core.flow]{.title-ref} and [cumulusci.core.keychain]{.title-ref} now have 100% test coverage

2.0.0-beta58 (2017-08-29)#

  • Fix import error in []github-release-notes() task introduced in beta57

2.0.0-beta57 (2017-08-28)#

  • Task options can now dynamically reference attributes from the project_config using the syntax [$project_config.attr_name]{.title-ref}. For example, [$project_config.repo_branch]{.title-ref} will resolve to the current branch when the task options are initialized.

  • New task [github_parent_to_children]{.title-ref} uses new functionality in [MergeBranch]{.title-ref} to support merging from a parent feature branch (ex. [feature/parent]{.title-ref}) into all child branches (ex. [feature/parent__child]{.title-ref}).

  • github-master-to-feature task will now skip child branches if their corresponding parent branch exists

  • ci_feature flow now runs [github_parent_to_children]{.title-ref} at the end of the flow

  • Github task classes were restructured but the [class_path]{.title-ref} used in [cumulusci.yml]{.title-ref} remains the same

  • New test coverage for github tasks

2.0.0-beta56 (2017-08-07)#

  • Add stderr logging to scratch org info command

2.0.0-beta55 (2017-08-07)#

  • Fix API version issue in Apex test runner

2.0.0-beta54 (2017-08-04)#

  • Fix issue in parsing test failure details when org has objects that need to be recompiled.

2.0.0-beta53 (2017-08-04)#

  • Fix “cci org config_connected_app” for Windows

  • Update tutorial for Windows usage

  • Reverse pull request order for release notes

2.0.0-beta52 (2017-08-02)#

  • Release notes parsers now specified in cumulusci.yml

2.0.0-beta51 (2017-08-01)#

  • New task to commit ApexDoc output

  • New test runner uses Tooling API to get limits data

2.0.0-beta50 (2017-07-18)#

  • Fix handling of boolean command line args

2.0.0-beta49 (2017-07-10)#

  • New task batch_apex_wait allows pausing until an Apex batch job completes. More details at https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/pull/372

  • SalesforceBrowserTest task now accepts [extra]{.title-ref} argument for specifying extra command line arguments separate from the command itself

  • Resolved ##369: Scratch org tokens expiring after upgrade to SFDX beta

2.0.0-beta48 (2017-06-28)#

  • Upgraded to the Salesforce DX Beta (thanks to @Szandor72 for the contribution!)

    • NOTE: CumulusCI will no longer work with the sfdx pilot release after this version!

    • Replaced call to [force:org:describe]{.title-ref} with [force:org:display]{.title-ref}

    • Changed json response parsing to match beta format

  • New SFDX wrapper tasks

    • `SFDXBaseTask`: Use for tasks that don’t need org access

    • `SFDXOrgTask`: Use for sfdx tasks that need org access. The task will refresh the cci keychain org’s token and pass it to sfdx as the target org for the command

    • `SFDXJsonTask`: Use for building tasks that interact with sfdx via json responses

    • `SFDXJsonPollingTask`: Use for building tasks that wrap sfdx json responses including polling for task completion

    • `SFDXDeploy`: An example of using [SFDXJsonPollingTask]{.title-ref} to wrap [force:mdapi:deploy]{.title-ref}

  • Fixed infinite loop if setting scratch org password fails

2.0.0-beta47 (2017-06-26)#

  • Fix typo in tasks.util

2.0.0-beta46 (2017-06-23)#

  • Fix bug in implementation of the [–no-prompt]{.title-ref} flag when sentry is configured

2.0.0-beta45 (2017-06-23)#

  • The new [BaseSalesforceApiTask]{.title-ref} class replaces [BaseSalesforceApiTask]{.title-ref}, [BaseSalesforceBulkApiTask]{.title-ref}, and [BaseSalesforceToolingApiTask]{.title-ref} by combining them into a single task class with access to all 3 API’s via [self.sf]{.title-ref}, [self.tooling]{.title-ref}, and [self.bulk]{.title-ref} from inside a task instance.

  • Added integration with sentry.io

    • Use [cci service connect sentry]{.title-ref} to enable the sentry service

    • All task execution exceptions will be logged as error events in sentry

    • [cci task run]{.title-ref} and [cci flow run]{.title-ref} will now show you the url to the sentry event if one was registered and prompt to open in a browser.

    • [cci task run]{.title-ref} and [cci flow run]{.title-ref} now accept the [–no-prompt]{.title-ref} option flag for running in non-interactive mode with the sentry service configured. Use this if you want to log build errors in sentry but not have builds fail due to a hanging prompt.

  • If a scratch org password has expired, it is now regenerated when calling [cci org info]{.title-ref}

  • New task unschedule_apex was added to unschedule background jobs and added to the start of the [dev_org]{.title-ref} flow

  • update-meta-xml task now uses the project’s dependencies as the namespace/version to update in the meta.xml files

  • The bulkdata mapping now properly supports Record Types

  • Fixed a bug with BulkDataQuery where local references weren’t getting properly set

  • New CumulusCI Branch & Release Overview diagram presention is available at http://developer.salesforce.org/CumulusCI/diagram/process_overview.html Use left/right arrow buttons on your keyboard to navigate through the presentation.

  • CumulusCI is now being built by Heroku CI using the config in [app.json]{.title-ref}

2.0.0-beta44 (2017-06-09)#

  • Fix issue in update_dependencies when a github dependency depends on another github dependency

2.0.0-beta43 (2017-06-09)#

  • Fix issue in [mrbelvedere_publish]{.title-ref} where the new zip_url dependencies weren’t being skipped

2.0.0-beta42 (2017-06-09)#

  • Move github dependency resolution logic into project_config.get_static_dependencies() for reuse in tasks other than UpdateDependencies

  • Fixed the mrbelvedere_publish task when using github references

  • Improved output from parsing github dependencies

  • Fix issue in [BulkDataQuery]{.title-ref} character encoding when value contains utf8 special characters

2.0.0-beta41 (2017-06-07)#

  • The [dependencies]{.title-ref} section in cumulusci.yml now supports the [skip]{.title-ref} option for Github dependencies which can be used to skip specific subfolders under [unpackaged/]{.title-ref} in the target repository

  • New task class BulkDataQuery reverses the BulkDataLoad and uses the mapping to build SOQL queries to capture the data in the mapping from the target org. The data is written to a database that can then be used by BulkDataLoad to load into a different org.

  • The Delete util task now uses the glob library so it can support paths with wildcards like src/*

  • New tasks meta-xml-api and meta_xml_dependencies handle updating [*-meta.xml]{.title-ref} files with api versions or underlying package versions.

2.0.0-beta40 (2017-06-03)#

2.0.0-beta39 (2017-06-02)#

  • Fix new bug in update_dependencies which caused failure when running against an org that already has a required package installed

2.0.0-beta38 (2017-06-01)#

  • update_dependencies now properly handles references to a github repository that itself contains dependencies in its cumulusci.yml file

  • update_dependencies now handles deploying unmanaged metadata from subfolders under unpackaged/pre of a referenced Github repository

  • The [dependencies]{.title-ref} section of [cumulusci.yml]{.title-ref} now supports installing from a zip of metadata hosted at a url if you provide a [zip_url]{.title-ref} and optionally a [subfolder]{.title-ref}

2.0.0-beta37 (2017-06-01)#

  • update_dependencies now supports dynamically referencing other Github repositories configured with a cumulusci.yml file. The referenced repository’s cumulusci.yml is parsed and the dependencies are included. Also, the Github API is used to find the latest release of the referenced repo if the cumulusci.yml has a namespace configured. Welcome to dynamic package dependency management ;)

  • [cci task run]{.title-ref} now supports the option flags [–debug-before]{.title-ref} and [–debug-after]{.title-ref}

  • Fix for JUnit output rendering in run_tests

2.0.0-beta36 (2017-05-19)#

  • Flows can now accept arguments in the CLI to override task options

    • [cci flow run install_beta -o install_managed_beta__version “1.0 (Beta 123)”]{.title-ref}

  • Flows can now accept arguments to in the CLI to skip tasks

    • [cci flow run ci_feature –skip run_tests_debug –skip deploy_post]{.title-ref}

  • Anonymous apex failures will now throw an exception and fail the build in execute_anon

  • Fixes ##322: local variable ‘message’ referenced before assignment

2.0.0-beta35 (2017-05-19)#

  • New task execute_anon is available to run anonymous apex and takes the extra task option [apex]{.title-ref}

2.0.0-beta34 (2017-05-16)#

  • Fixes ##317: ERROR: Invalid version specified

2.0.0-beta33 (2017-05-11)#

  • cci org connect and cci org scratch now accept the –default option flag to set the newly connected org as the default org for the repo

  • cci org scratch now accepts a new option, –devhub <username>, which allows you to specify an alternate devhub username to use when creating the scratch org

  • The SalesforceBrowserTest class now throws a BrowserTestFailure if the command returns an exit status of 1

  • Scratch org creation no longer throws an exception if it fails to set a random password on the newly created org

  • Push API task enhancements:

    • Push org lists (text files with one org ID per line) can now have comments and blank lines. The first word on the line is assumed to be the org ID and anything after that is ignored.

    • Fixes ##294

    • Fixes ##306

    • Fixes ##208

2.0.0-beta32 (2017-05-04)#

  • Scratch orgs now get an auto-generated password which is available via [cci org info]{.title-ref}

  • Added metadata mapping for StandardValueSets to fix ##310

  • Throw nicer exceptions when scratch org interaction fails

2.0.0-beta31 (2017-04-12)#

  • Use UTC for all Salesforce API date/time fields

  • Fix issue with listing metadata types

  • Add generic polling method to BaseTask

2.0.0-beta30 (2017-04-04)#

  • New task list_metadata_types

  • [push upgrades] Fix push request status Cancelled –> Canceled

  • [push upgrades] Fix datetime namespace issues

  • [pyinstaller] Import project-level modules with run-time hook

2.0.0-beta29 (2017-04-04)#

  • Report push status if start time is less than 1 minute in the future

2.0.0-beta28 (2017-03-30)#

  • Fix bug in Push API batch retry logic introduced in beta25

2.0.0-beta27 (2017-03-29)#

  • Skip org in push if statusCode is UKNOWN_EXCEPTION

2.0.0-beta26 (2017-03-29)#

  • Fixes ##278: Push upgrade raises exception for DUPLICATE_VALUE statusCode

2.0.0-beta25 (2017-03-28)#

  • Fixes ##277: Push API tasks now correctly handle errors in individual orgs in a batch when scheduling a push job

2.0.0-beta24 (2017-03-27)#

  • Fixes ##231: Handle unicode in package.xml generation

  • Fixes ##239: Replace fix for windows path issues from beta23 with a better implementation

  • Fixes ##275: Properly pass purge_on_delete option value in uninstall_packaged_incremental

2.0.0-beta23 (2017-03-22)#

  • Fixes ##239: Add local path to import path when looking up classes. This should fix an error that appeared only in Windows

2.0.0-beta22 (2017-03-20)#

  • []github-release-notes() now supports the [link_pr]{.title-ref} option to add links to the pull request where each line of content came from

  • Fixes ##266: update_dependencies now supports the [purge_on_delete]{.title-ref} option to allow running against production orgs

  • Fixes ##267: package.xml generation now skips RecordType when rendering in delete mode

2.0.0-beta21 (2017-03-17)#

  • Fix parsing of OrgId from the access token using the new sfdx CLI

2.0.0-beta20 (2017-03-17)#

  • Switch to using the [sfdx]{.title-ref} CLI for interacting with scratch orgs. If you use [cci]{.title-ref} with scratch orgs, this release will no longer work with the [heroku force:*]{.title-ref} commands from the prior Salesforce DX release.

  • Upgrades to release notes generator

    • Content is now grouped by subheading under each heading

    • Better error message is thrown if a lightweight tag is found when an annotated tag is needed

2.0.0-beta19 (2017-03-15)#

  • Fixes ##261: cci org info should refresh token first

2.0.0-beta18 (2017-03-14)#

  • Skip deleting Scontrols in incremental delete

  • Escape package name when generating package.xml

2.0.0-beta17 (2017-03-14)#

  • OrgConfig and subclasses now support self.username to get the username

  • Flows no longer have access to task instance attributes for subsequent task options. Instead, custom task classes should set their task return_values member.

  • Improve printing of org info when running tasks from a flow by only printing once at the start of flow. All tasks have an optional self.flow attribute now that contains the flow instance if the task is being run from a flow.

  • BaseTask now includes methods for handling retry logic. Implemented in the InstallPackageVersion and RunApexTests

  • New task retrieve_unpackaged can be used to retrieve metadata from a package.xml manifest

  • Fixes ##240 - CumulusCI should now properly handle escaping special characters in xml where appropriate

  • Fixes ##245 - Show config values in task info

  • Fixes ##251 - ApiRetrieveUnpackaged _clean_package_xml() can’t handle metadata with spaces in names

  • Fixes ##255 - ApiListMetadata does not list certain metadata types with default folder value

2.0.0-beta16 (2017-02-17)#

  • Allow batch size to be configured for push jobs with the [batch_size]{.title-ref} job

2.0.0-beta15 (2017-02-15)#

  • Bug fix release for bug in update_admin_profile from the beta 14 release changes to the ApiRetrieveUnpackaged class

2.0.0-beta14 (2017-02-15)#

  • The new [RetrieveReportsAndDashboards]{.title-ref} task class that can retrieve all reports and dashboards from a specified list of folders

  • Documentation improvements contributed by @tet3

  • Include userinfo in the OrgConfig, and print username and org id at the beginning of every task run. Contribution by @cdcarter

  • [project_local_dir]{.title-ref} (e.g., [~/.cumulusci/NPSP-Extension-Template/]{.title-ref}, home of the encrypted keychain and local override config) now rely on the project name configured in cumulusci.yml instead of the existence of a git remote named origin. Contribution by @cdcarter

2.0.0-beta13 (2017-02-09)#

  • New services registration support added by community contribution from @cdcarter

    • Services and their schemas can now be defined in the cumulusci.yml file. See https://github.com/SFDO-Tooling/CumulusCI/issues/224 for more details until docs are fully updated

    • [cci services list]{.title-ref}

    • [cci services show github]{.title-ref}

    • [cci services connect github]{.title-ref}

  • Improved error handling for metadata deployment failures:

    • Metadata deployments now throw more specific errors when appropriate: MetadataComponentFailure, ApexTestFailure, or MetadataApiError

    • Output for each component failure on a deploy now includes more information such as the column number of the error

  • release_beta now ignores errors in the []github-release-notes() process by default

2.0.0-beta12 (2017-02-02)#

  • Throw better exceptions if there are failures creating or deleting scratch orgs

2.0.0-beta11 (2017-02-01)#

  • Fixes and new functionality for update-package-xml-managed task.

    • Added support for project -> package -> name_managed in the cumulusci.yml file to specify a different package name to use when deploying to the packaging org.

    • Fixed bug with install_class and uninstall_class handling

2.0.0-beta10 (2017-01-20)#

  • Completed removed CumulusCI 1 code from the repository and egg. The egg should be 17MB smaller now.

  • Removed [cumulusci.tasks.ant.AntTask]{.title-ref}. Please replace any usage with [cumulusci.tasks.command.Command]{.title-ref} or [cumulusci.tasks.command.SalesforceCommand]{.title-ref}

  • Removed the [update_meta_xml]{.title-ref} task for now since it was the only task relying on Ant. A new and much better Python based implementation will be coming soon.

2.0.0-beta9 (2017-01-20)#

  • A few upgrades to the Command task:

    • No longer strip left side whitespace from output to preserve indentation

    • New method [_process_output]{.title-ref} can be overridden to change how output lines are processed

    • New method [_handle_returncode]{.title-ref} can be overridden to change how exit status is handled

2.0.0-beta8 (2017-01-19)#

  • Added new task classes util.DownloadZip, command.SalesforceCommand, and command.SalesforceBrowserTestCommand that can be mapped in individual projects to configure browser tests or other commands run against a Salesforce org. The commands are automatically passed a refreshed [SF_ACCESS_TOKEN]{.title-ref} and [SF_INSTANCE_URL]{.title-ref} environment variables.

  • Added new CLI commands [cci project connect_saucelabs]{.title-ref} and [cci project show_saucelabs]{.title-ref}

  • Added ci-install-beta flow that uninstalls the previous managed version then installs the latest beta without running apex tests

  • Added new method cumulusci.utils.download_extract_zip to download and extract a zip including re-rooting the zip to a subfolder.

  • All Salesforce tasks now delete any tempdirs they create to prevent wasting disk space

2.0.0-beta7 (2017-01-17)#

  • [run_tests_debug]{.title-ref} now ignores all non-test methods including any method decorated with @testSetup

2.0.0-beta6 (2017-01-17)#

  • Return full info when a component failure occurs on a Metadata API deployment. Previously only the problem was shown without context like file name and line number making it difficult to figure out what caused the failure.

  • [run_tests_debug]{.title-ref} now ignores the @testSetup method when parsing debug logs. Previously it would throw an error if tests used @testSetup

2.0.0-beta5 (2017-01-16)#

  • Fixes for the unmanaged_ee flow to fix a bug where avialableFields elements were not properly being stripped from fieldsSets in .object files

  • Fixes for github-master-to-feature where merge conflicts would throw exception rather than creating a pull request as expected

2.0.0-beta4 (2017-01-13)#

  • Add update_admin_profile to all flows that deploy or install to a Salesforce org. Note that this adjusted the task numbers in some flows so you should double check your project specific flow customizations.

2.0.0-beta3 (2017-01-13)#

  • Remove deploy-post-managed task from the default ci_master flow. Deploying the unpackaged/post content to the packaging org risks the spider accidentally including some of it in the package. Projects that want to run deploy-post-managed against the packaging org can extend ci_master in their cumulusci.yml file to add it.

2.0.0-beta2 (2017-01-12)#

  • Fix a bug in project_config.get_latest_version() with tags that don’t match either the beta or release prefix.

2.0.0-beta1 (2017-01-12)#

  • Move into the master branch!

  • Changed primary CLI command to [cci]{.title-ref} and left [cumulusci2]{.title-ref} available for legacy support

  • Changed all docs to use [cci]{.title-ref} command in examples

  • Peg push api tasks to api version 38.0 rather than project api version

  • Added 2 new flows: install_beta and install_prod which install the latest managed version of the package with all dependencies but without running tests

  • release_beta flow now runs github-master-to-feature at the end of the flow

2.0.0-alpha42 (2017-01-10)#

  • Metadata API calls now progressively wait longer between each status check to handle calls with long Pending times. Each check also now outputs a line saying how long it will sleep before the next check.

2.0.0-alpha41 (2017-01-06)#

2.0.0-alpha40 (2017-01-06)#

2.0.0-alpha39 (2017-01-06)#

  • Two new task classes exist for loading and deleting data via Bulk API. Note that there are no default task mappings for these classes as the mappings should be project specific. Define your own mappings in your project’s cumulusci.yml file to use them.

    • cumulusci.tasks.bulkdata.LoadData: Loads relational data from a sqlite database into Salesforce objects using a yaml file for mapping

    • cumulusci.tasks.bulkdata.DeleteData: Deletes all records from specified objects in order of object list

  • Added support for customPermissions

  • Added new Command task that can be used to call arbitrary commands with configurable environment variables

2.0.0-alpha38 (2016-12-28)#

  • Scratch orgs now cache the org info locally during flow execution to prevent multiple calls out to the Heroku CLI that are unnecessary

  • Scratch org calls now properly capture and print both stdout and stderr in the case of an exception in calls to Heroku CLI

  • [run_tests_debug]{.title-ref} now deletes existing TraceFlag objects in addition to DebugLevels

  • Fix bug in push_all and push_sandbox

  • Push tasks now use timezone for start_date option

2.0.0-alpha37 (2016-12-20)#

  • []github-release-notes() now correctly handles the situation where a merge commit’s date can be different than the PR’s merged_at date in Github by comparing commit sha’s

2.0.0-alpha36 (2016-12-20)#

  • github_release now works with an existing tag/ref and sleeps for 3 seconds after creating the tag to allow Github time to catch up

2.0.0-alpha35 (2016-12-20)#

  • Remove [draft]{.title-ref} option from github_release since the Github API doesn’t support querying draft releases

2.0.0-alpha34 (2016-12-20)#

  • Fix bug with github_release that was causing validation errors from Github

2.0.0-alpha33 (2016-12-20)#

  • []github-release-notes() now raises an exception in [publish]{.title-ref} mode if the release doesn’t exist instead of attempting to create it. Use github_release to create the release first before calling []github-release-notes()

  • Fix a bug with dynamic task option lookup in flows

2.0.0-alpha32 (2016-12-19)#

  • Move logger configuration out of core and into CLI so other implementations can provide their own logger configurations

  • Added [retry_interval]{.title-ref} and [retry_interval_add]{.title-ref} options to install_beta to introduce a progressive delay between retry attempts when the package is unavailable

2.0.0-alpha30 (2016-12-13)#

2.0.0-alpha30 (2016-12-12)#

  • Bug fixes submitted by @ccarter:

    • uninstall_post was failing to substitute namespaces

    • new util method [findRename]{.title-ref} to rename files with a token in their name

  • Bug fix with Unicode handling in run_tests_debug

2.0.0-alpha29 (2016-12-12)#

  • Require docutils to supprot rst2ansi

2.0.0-alpha28 (2016-12-12)#

  • Modified tasks and flows to properly re-raise exceptions

2.0.0-alpha27 (2016-12-12)#

  • [cci]{.title-ref} should now throw the direct exception rather than making it look like the exception came through click

  • [cci task doc]{.title-ref} command outputs RST format documentation of all tasks

  • New doc with info on all tasks: http://cumulusci.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tasks.html

2.0.0-alpha26 (2016-12-09)#

  • Bug fix, missing import of re in core/config.py

2.0.0-alpha25 (2016-12-09)#

  • Fixed run_tests and run_tests_debug tasks to fail throwing an exception on test failure

  • run_tests_debug now stores debug logs in a tempdir

  • Have the CLI handle ApexTestException events with a nicer error rather than a full traceback which isn’t helpful to determining the apex failure

  • BaseMetadataApi will now throw MetadataApiError after a Failed status is set

  • BaseFlow now throws the original exception rather than a more generic one that obscures the actual failure

2.0.0-alpha24 (2016-12-09)#

  • Bug fix release, flow_run in the CLI should accept debug argument and was throwing and error

2.0.0-alpha23 (2016-12-09)#

  • [cci org browser]{.title-ref} now saves the org back to the keychain. This fixes an issue with scratch orgs where a call to org browser on a scratch org that hasn’t been created yet gets created but doesn’t persist after the command

  • [task run]{.title-ref} and [flow run]{.title-ref} now support the [–debug]{.title-ref} flag which will drop you into the Python interactive debugger (pdb) at the point of the exception.

  • Added Cookbook to the docs: http://cumulusci.readthedocs.io/en/latest/cookbook.html

  • [flow run]{.title-ref} with the [–delete-org]{.title-ref} option flag and scratch orgs no longer fails the flow if the delete org call fails.

  • Fixed the deploy_post task which has having errors with namespaced file names

  • Fixed update_admin_profile to properly update the profile. This involved fixing the utils [findReplace]{.title-ref} and [findReplaceRegex]{.title-ref}.

  • Reworked exceptions structure and ensure that tasks throw an exception where approriate.

2.0.0-alpha22 (2016-12-02)#

  • Fix for bug in deploy_post when using the filename token to merge namespace into a filename

2.0.0-alpha21 (2016-12-01)#

  • Added support for global and project specific orgs, services, and connected app. The global credentials will be used by default if they exist and individual projects an override them.

    • Orgs still default to creating in the project level but the [–global]{.title-ref} flag can be used in the CLI to create an org

    • [config_connected_app]{.title-ref} command now sets the connected app as global by default. Use the ‘–project’ flag to set as a project override

    • [connect_github]{.title-ref}, [connect_mrbelvedere]{.title-ref}, and [connect_apextestsdb]{.title-ref} commands now set the service as global by default. Use the ‘–project’ flag to set as a project override

2.0.0-alpha20 (2016-11-29)#

  • Remove pdb from BaseFlow.__call__ (oops)

2.0.0-alpha19 (2016-11-29)#

  • Fix IOError issue with update_admin_profile when using the egg version

  • Changed cci task_run and flow_run commands to no longer swallow unknown exceptions so a useful error message with traceback is shown

  • Centralized loggers for BaseConfig, BaseTask, and BaseFlow under cumulusci.core.logger and changed logs to always write to a temp file available as self.log_file on any config, task, or flow subclass.

2.0.0-alpha18 (2016-11-17)#

  • New task [apextestsdb_upload]{.title-ref} uploads json test data to an instance of ApexTestsDB

  • Fixed bug in CLI when running tasks that don’t require an org

  • Include mappings for Community Template metadata types in package.xml generator

2.0.0-alpha17 (2016-11-15)#

  • Community contributions by @cdcarter

    • query task using the Bulk Data API

    • [–login-url]{.title-ref} option on [cci org connect]{.title-ref}

  • Salesforce DX wrapper

    • NOTE: Requires developer preview access to Salesforce DX

    • [cci org scratch <config_name> <org_name>]{.title-ref} creates a wrapper for a scratch org in your keychain

    • Tasks and Flows run against a scratch org will create the scratch org if needed

    • [cci org scratch_delete <org_name>]{.title-ref} deletes a scratch org that was created by running a task or flow

    • [cci flow run]{.title-ref} now supports the [–delete-org]{.title-ref} option to delete a scratch org at the end of the flow

    • [BaseSalesforceDXTask]{.title-ref} wraps the heroku force:* commands. The dx_push task is provided as an example.

      • NOTE: Currently the command output is buffered and only outputs when the command completes.

  • Integration with mrbelvedere

    • mrbelvedere-publish task publishes a beta or release tag to an existing package on mrbelvedere

  • Flow changes

    • ci_feature now runs tests as part of the flow

    • New flow task configuration [ignore_failure]{.title-ref} can be used to ignore a failure from a particular task in the flow

  • CUMULUSCI_KEY is no longer required if using a keychain class with the encrypted attribute set to False such as the EnvironmentProjectKeychain

  • Refactored OAuth token refresh to be more centralized and raise a proper exception if there is an issue

  • The org keychain now correctly uses the instance url when appropriate

  • Calls to runTestsAsynchronous in the Tooling API are now done via POST instead of GET

2.0.0-alpha16 (2016-11-3)#

  • Fix bug in SOAP calls to MDAPI with newer versions of the requests library

  • This version was used to record the demo screencast: https://asciinema.org/a/91555

2.0.0-alpha15 (2016-11-3)#

  • Fix CLI bug in new exception handling logic

2.0.0-alpha14 (2016-11-3)#

  • Fix version number

  • Fix bug in BaseSalesforceBulkApiTask (thanks @cdcarter)

2.0.0-alpha13 (2016-11-3)#

  • Nicer log output from tasks and flows using [coloredlogs]{.title-ref}

  • Added handling for packed git references in the file .git/packed-refs

  • Docs now available at http://cumulusci.readthedocs.io

  • Tasks and Flows run through the CLI now show a more simple message if an exception is thrown

2.0.0-alpha12 (2016-11-2)#

  • Automatic detection of latest production and beta release via Github Releases

    • project_config.get_latest_release() added to query Github Releases to find the latest production or beta release version

    • InstallPackage now accepts the virtual versions ‘latest’ and ‘latest_beta’ as well as specific versions for the version option

  • New flows:

    • ci_feature: Runs a full deployment of the unmanaged code for testing in a feature org

    • ci_master: Runs a full deployment of the managed version of the code into the packaging org

    • ci_beta: Installs the latest beta and runs all tests

    • ci_release: Installs the latest release and runs all tests

    • release_beta: Uploads a beta release of the metadata in the packaging org, creates a Github Release, and generates release notes

  • Removed the hard coded slots in the keychain for github, mrbelvedere, and apextestsdb and replaced with a more generic concept of named keychain services. keychain.get_service(‘name’) retrieves a named service. The CLI commands for setting github, mrbelvedere, and apextestsdb were modified to write the service configs to the new structure.

  • Flow tasks can now access previous tasks’ attributes in their options definitions. The syntax is ^^task_name.attr1.attr2

  • Flow output is now nicer showing the flow configuration and the active configuration for each task before execution

  • New tasks

    • update_package_xml_managed: Create a new package.xml from the metadata in src/ with attributes only available when deploying to packaging org

    • run_tests: Runs matching apex tests in parallel and generate a JUnit report

    • run_tests_debug: Runs matching apex tests in parallel, generates JUnit report, captures debug logs, and parses debug logs for limits usage outputing results to test_results.json

    • run_tests_managed: Runs matching apex tests in parallel from the package’s namespace and generate a JUnit report

2.0.0-alpha11 (2016-10-31)#

  • project_config.repo_root is now added to the python syspath, thanks @cdcarter for the contribution

  • Tasks for the new Package Upload API

    • upload_beta: Uploads a beta release of the metadata currently in the packaging org

    • upload_production: Uploads a production release of the metadata currently in the packaging org

  • Dependency management for managed packages:

    • update_dependencies: Task that ensures the target org has all dependencies installed at the correct version

    • Dependencies are configured using the dependencies: heading in cumulusci.yml under the project: section

  • Integrated salesforce-bulk and created BaseSalesforceBulkApiTask for building bulk data tasks

  • Added [cci version]{.title-ref} command to print out current package version, thanks @cdcarter for the contribution

2.0.0-alpha10 (2016-10-28)#

  • More pure Python tasks to replace ant targets:

    • create_ee_src

    • retrieve_packaged

    • retrieve_src

    • revert_ee_src

    • uninstall_packaged_incremental

    • update_admin_profile

  • New flow:

    • unmanaged_ee: Deploys unmanaged code to an EE org

  • New cumulusci.utils

    • CUMULUSCI_PATH: The absolute path to the root of CumulusCI

    • findReplaceRegex: Recursive regex based search/replace for files

    • zip_subfolder: Accepts a zipfile and path, returns a zipfile with path as root

  • Fix bug where repo_name was not being properly handled if it origin ended in .git

2.0.0-alpha9 (2016-10-27)#

  • Switch to using [plaintable]{.title-ref} for printing text tables in the following CLI commands:

    • cci org list

    • cci task list

    • cci task info

    • cci flow list

  • Easier project set up: [cci project init]{.title-ref} now prompts for all project values using the global default values

  • More pure Python Metadata API tasks:

    • create_package

    • install_package

    • uninstall_managed

    • uninstall_packaged

    • uninstall_pre

    • uninstall_post

    • uninstall_post_managed

  • New tasks to interact with the new PackageUploadRequest object in the Tooling API

    • upload_beta

    • upload_production

  • Python task to replace deployUnpackagedPost ant target with support for replacing namespace prefix in filenames and file contents

    • deploy_post

    • deploy_post_managed

  • Python tasks to replace createManagedSrc and revertManagedSrc ant targets

    • create_managed_src

    • revert_managed_src

2.0.0-alpha8 (2016-10-26)#

  • New tasks for push upgrading packages

    • push_all: Pushes a package version to all available subscriber orgs

      • ex: cci task run –org packaging -o version 1.1 push_all

    • push_qa: Pushes a package version to all org ids in the file push/orgs_qa.txt in the repo

      • ex: cci task run –org packaging -o version 1.1 push_qa

    • push_sandbox: Pushes a package version to all available sandbox subscriber orgs

      • ex: cci task run –org packaging -o version 1.1 push_sandbox

    • push_trial: Pushes a package version to all org ids in the file push/orgs_trial.txt in the repo

      • ex: cci task run –org packaging -o version 1.1 push_trial

    • Configurable push tasks in cumulusci.tasks.push.tasks:

      • SchedulePushOrgList: uses a file with one OrgID per line as the target list

      • SchedulePushOrgQuery: queries PackageSubscribers to select orgs for the target list

    • Additional push tasks can be built by subclassing cumulusci.tasks.push.tasks.BaseSalesforcePushTask

2.0.0-alpha7 (2016-10-25)#

  • New commands for connecting to other services

    • cci project connect_apextestsdb: Stores ApexTestDB auth configuration in the keychain for use by tasks that require ApexTestsDB access

    • cci project connect_github: Stores Github auth configuration in the keychain for use by tasks that require Github access

    • cci project connect_mrbelvedere: Stores mrbelvedere auth configuration in the keychain for use by tasks that require access to mrbelvedere

    • cci project show_apextestsdb: Shows the configured ApexTestsDB auth info

    • cci project show_github: Shows the configured Github auth info

    • cci project show_mrbelvedere: Shows the configured mrbelvedere auth info

  • Github Tasks

    • The new BaseGithubTask wraps the github3.py API library to allow writing tasks targetting Github

    • The following new Github tasks are implemented on top of BaseGithubTask:

      • github_clone_tag: Clones one git tag to another via the Github API

      • github_master_to_feature: Merges the HEAD commit on master to all open feature branches via the Github API

      • github_release: Creates a Release via the Github API

      • github_release_notes: Generates release notes by parsing merged Github pull request bodies between two tags

  • BaseTask now enforces required task_options raising TaskOptionError if required options are missing

  • Restructured the project: heading in cumulusci.yml

2.0.0-alpha6 (2016-10-24)#

  • Moved the build and ci directories back to the root so 2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.0

  • Allow override of keychain class via CUMULUSCI_KEYCHAIN_CLASS env var

  • New keychain class cumulusci.core.keychain.EnvironmentProjectKeychain for storing org credentials as json in environment variables

  • Tasks now support the salesforce_task option for requiring a Salesforce org

  • The new BaseSalesforceToolingApi task wraps simple-salesforce for building tasks that interact with the Tooling API

  • cumulusci org default <name>

    • Set a default org for tasks and flows

    • No longer require passing org name in task run and flow run

    • –unset option flag unsets current default

    • cumulusci org list shows a * next to the default org

  • BaseAntTask split out into AntTask and SalesforceAntTask

  • cumulusci.tasks.metadata.package.UpdatePackageXml:

    • Pure python based package.xml generation controlled by metadata_map.yml for mapping in new types

    • Wired into the update_package_xml task instead of the old ant target

  • 130 unit tests and counting, and our test suite now exceeds 1 second!

2.0.0-alpha5 (2016-10-21)#

  • Update README

2.0.0-alpha4 (2016-10-21)#

  • Fix imports in tasks/ant.py

2.0.0-alpha3 (2016-10-21)#

  • Added yaml files to the MANIFEST.in for inclusion in the egg

  • Fixed keychain import in cumulusci.yml

2.0.0-alpha2 (2016-10-21)#

  • Added additional python package requirements to setup.py for automatic installation of dependencies

2.0.0-alpha1 (2016-10-21)#

  • First release on PyPI.