Release a First-Generation Managed Package#

This section outlines how to release first-generation (1GP) Salesforce managed package projects.’s Release Engineering team practices CumulusCI Flow, which incorporates all of these steps.


This section assumes:

To verify this setup and display information about the connected packaging org:

$ cci org info packaging


The packaging org can be listed under an alias. For a complete list of orgs connected to CumulusCI, run cci org list.

If your project has been configured for use with CumulusCI, cci org info lists the project’s namespace under package__namespace in the output.

Create a Managed Package Project#

If you haven’t created a managed package project, follow these steps:

Deploy to a Packaging Org#

CumulusCI deploys metadata to a packaging org with the ci_master flow.


The ci_master flow runs the uninstall_packaged_incremental task, which deletes any metadata from the package in the target org that’s not in the repository.

$ cci flow run ci_master --org packaging

The ci_master flow executes these tasks in the target org.

  • Updates any project dependencies

  • Deploys any unpackaged metadata located in the pre directory

  • Deploys packaged metadata

  • Deploys destructive changes to remove metadata in the target org that is no longer in the local repository

  • Runs the config_packaging flow, which by default consists only of the update_admin_profile task.


To list each step in the ci_master flow, run cci flow info ci_master.

CumulusCI separates uploading metadata to the packaging org and releasing a beta version of the package into the ci_master and release_beta flows, respectively. This separation offers discretion to run additional checks against the org, if necessary, between deploy and release steps.

Create a Beta Version#

The release_beta flow groups the common tasks that must be executed for the release of a new beta version of a project.

$ cci flow run release_beta --org packaging

This flow always runs against the project’s packaging org, where it:

  • Uploads a new beta version of the managed package.

  • Creates a new GitHub release tag for the new beta version. Extension packages that also use CumulusCI require this release tag to find the latest version when this repository is listed as a dependency.

  • Generates Release Notes.

  • Syncs feature branches with the main branch, which automatically integrates the latest changes from main. For more information see Auto Merging.


This flow assumes that the package contents were already deployed using the ci_master flow. It does not include a step to deploy them.

To create a new beta version for your project without the bells and whistles, use the upload_beta task:

$ cci task run upload_beta --org packaging --name package_version

Test a Beta Version#

The ci_beta flow installs the latest beta version of the project in a scratch org, and runs Apex tests against it.

$ cci flow run ci_beta --org beta

This flow is intended to be run whenever a beta release is created.

Upload and Test a Final Version#

To upload a production release of your managed package project:

$ cci flow run release_production --org packaging

Similar to release_beta, this task uploads a new production version of your package, creates a release tag in GitHub, and aggregates release notes for the new version.


This flow assumes that the package contents have previously been deployed using the ci_master flow.

To upload the new production version without creating the GitHub tag and generating release notes:

$ cci task run upload_production --name v1.2.1

To test the new package version:

$ cci flow run ci_release --org release

The ci_release flow installs the latest production release version, and runs the Apex tests from the managed package on a scratch org.